The SteadyTrade Podcast is an entertaining, educational look at the world of day traders.

Tim Bohen

Tim is a salty trading veteran with over 10 years of experience.  He took his earnings from trading penny stocks and retired at the age of 40.  Now he trains others on the skills of day trading.


Kim Ann Curtin

Kim Ann Curtin, AKA The Wall Street Coach, is an international executive coach and management consultant who combines business experience with inner wisdom to guide clients to find their path.

Born and bred in New York, Kim worked in the fast-paced world of Wall Street for over a decade. Following the market crash of 2008, Kim shifted her focus to coaching executives (learn more about her story in Ep. 100) and has now been coaching for over a decade. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future.”

Kim now resides on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Her unique journey, life experiences, and home environments have helped her develop an approach that incorporates mindfulness to deliver real-world results in business. 

Along the way, Kim has coached executives and traders from Anchorage Capital, AP, Bank of America, Barron’s, BC Partners, Blackstone, Colgate-Palmolive, Credit Suisse, Crump, Ernst & Young, EisnerAmper, FINRA, Fortress, Genentech, GIC, King Street Capital, L’Oreal, Merck, Morgan Stanley, NBC and Procter & Gamble. For information, visit

Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson (@Jonk87 on Twitter) is a part-time trader living in Dubai, UAE, originally from Newcastle, UK.  As a student of Timothy Sykes and Tim Bohen (StocksToTrade Pro), Stephen has learned first hand that trading penny stocks can be profitable.  With roughly 13 months of market experience, Stephen is on a mission to discover everything there is to know about trading.  His aim is to document his entire journey from rookie to successful, profitable, full-time trader on his YouTube channel.  Follow him on YouTube to see his mistakes and successes.