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Ep 76 – Preparing for a Market Crash

Episode 76: Preparing for a Market Crash This week’s episode focuses on a sobering topic: Is the market headed for a crash? With the market’s recent declines, many traders are bracing themselves for the worst. Here, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson address what’s...

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Ep 75 – High on Weed Stocks

Episode 75: High on Weed Stocks Do you feel the need … the need for weed stocks? Cannabis stocks are undoubtedly the hottest sector in the market these days. In today’s episode, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson share the best ways for traders to get in on the...

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Ep 74 – Team Bohen Update (unlimited shorts??)

Episode 74: Tim Bohen Team Update Curious about how the SteadyTrade Paper Trading Challenge is progressing? In last week’s episode, Stephen Johnson’s team talked a big game about how they’ve got this challenge in the bag. Is it true … is Tim Bohen’s team really in...

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Ep 73 – Team Jonks Update (Do Your Dailies!)

Episode 73: Team Jonk's Update (Do your Dailies!) Ready for the latest update on the SteadyTrade Paper Trading Challenge? Host Tim Bohen is away this week. When the cat’s away, the mice will play — so this week you’ll be treated to an update on host Stephen Johnson’s...

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Ep 72 – How Mason Fecht made $200k**

At the SteadyTrade podcast, hosts Tim and Stephen like to put an accent on the “steady” part of their approach to trading. That being said, sometimes they like to feature exceptional traders to inspire you on your journey. 21-year-old trader Mason Fecht has had a very...

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Ep 71 – No Remember November

Episode 71: No Remember November With Sober October over, it’s time to advance into No Remember November. In this episode of the SteadyTrade Podcast, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson are ready to party, but rather than with drinks or drugs, it’s with paper. Yes,...

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Ep 70 – Shattering Your Comfort Zone

Gird your loins and prepare yourself for an emotional trust circle of epic proportions! In today’s episode, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson want to talk about self improvement and self care and how they can both make you a better trader. Blame Tim: he just...

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Ep 68 – Tim Sykes and the Art of Grinding

Ep 68 - Tim Sykes and the Art of Grinding Today is a red-letter day for the SteadyTrade Podcast. Finally, after 15 months of podcasting, we’ve nabbed super-trader and trading teacher Tim Sykes as our guest on today’s show. In the episode, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen...

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