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Do What You Love – Interview with Jim Rogers

Ep 111: Jim Rogers: Do What You Love Today’s episode features a very exciting guest: Jim Rogers. While the young ’uns may not be familiar with this name, Jim is a legend in the financial world. Not only was he the co-founder of Soros Fund Management (along with...

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Trading Tips: Whole Dollar Half Dollar

Ep 108: Trading Tips: Whole Dollar Half Dollar If you’ve been listening to SteadyTrade for a while, chances are that you’ve heard hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson tossing around the term “whole dollar half dollar”. But what does this mean, exactly? While “whole...

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Tim Bohen Gets COACHED!

Ep 108: Tim Bohen Gets COACHED! A couple of weeks ago, host Stephen Johnson had an on-air session with Kim Ann Curtin, aka The Wall Street Coach. Now, it’s Tim Bohen’s turn. What secrets from deep in his psyche will Tim reveal during his session?  In this episode, as...

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Day Trading

Ep 107: The Do’s and Dont's of Day Trading SteadyTrade host Tim Bohen is PUMPED. Why? Because TradersEXPO in Chicago— one of the premier trading events (that’s also FREE of charge) — is here.  And at this FREE-to-attend event, Tim will present not once, not twice, but...

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Success in Trading: Breaking Down $NERV

Ep 106: Breaking Down $NERV All traders are bound to experience challenges at some point in their career.  For SteadyTrade co-host Stephen Johnson, it’s been hard to maintain motivation in recent months due to a mixture of trading ennui and fear brought on by...

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Beyond the PDT with Bryce and Matt

Think millennials are good for nothing? Think again. In today’s episode, host Tim Bohen is excited to interview two young men who are killing it: Bryce and Matt of the popular podcast Beyond the PDT. Tim was interviewed on their show and now enjoys a bromance with...

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