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Ep 30: The Daily Trading Coach (Part 1)

The Daily Trading Coach Traders need to be focused on self-improvement; you can never beat or “master” the market. To succeed, you must have a growth mindset and work to make yourself stronger, faster, and smarter each and every day. So the question is, "what is a...

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Ep 29: The Triforce Trader

Episode 29: Triforce Trader On the Steady Trade Podcast, we strive to educate you on ways to attain and maintain a long-term career as a trader. As part of that mission, we occasionally like to share interviews with successful traders to inspire you on your journey....

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Ep 28: The Slow Market Blues

It’s a simple fact: the market is ever evolving. The economy, time of year, and many other factors play into the ever-changing nature of stocks and how they perform. As a trader, these fluctuations can sometimes be scary and disorienting and cause a slow market.  On...

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Ep 27: Listener Mailbag

Episode 27: Listener Mailbag In each and every episode of the Steady Trade Podcast, we try to focus on a specific subject or theme that will further your trading career. But today, we’re taking a different approach and turning the microphone to you, our listener...

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Ep 26: The One Where Stephen Loses $5k

Episode 26: Stephen Loses $5k. Did you know that our recent episode about Stephen blowing up his account was one of our most popular to date? Either this means that traders are interested in hearing stories of loss and recovery, or that you’re all keenly interested in...

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Ep 24: Tim Sykes’ Inner Circle: Michael

The Steady Trade Podcast is dedicated to helping you become a better trader with sustainable practices that will allow you to enjoy long-term success. As part of this mission, the podcast occasionally features interviews with successful and inspiring traders. In this...

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Ep 23: Myths of Day Trading

Myths of Day Trading There are a lot of conflicting accounts out there about penny stock trading. Some say that you can become a millionaire in mere weeks; others say the entire enterprise is a scam. How is a new trader to separate what is fact and what is fiction? In...

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Ep 22: Bring on 2018!

Steady Trade Podcast Episode 22: Bring on 2018! Around this time of year, everyone’s got goals and resolutions on the brain. The Steady Trade Podcast is no different! In Episode 22, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson talk about taking your trading to great new...

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Ep 21: How Stephen Johnson Blew Up His Account

Steady Trade Podcast Episode 21: How Stephen Johnson Blew Up His Account Welcome to the new format of the Steady Trade Podcast! After two fantastic seasons, we’ve listened to all of your comments and feedback and are moving toward a new model with the show. From now...

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