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Trading with Sean Dekmar

Today, host Tim Bohen interviews Sean Dekmar, a 25-year-old trader who began his career in college and never had to get a “real” job after he graduated — all due to his trading success. At the SteadyTrade Podcast, our goal is to inspire and inform aspiring traders....

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VWAP, Back-Testing, and Rising to the Challenge

You have questions ... and SteadyTrade hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson have answers. In today’s episode, the mighty duo tackle four pressing trading questions from listeners. Listen in for their take on VWAP, backtesting, getting out of a trading slump, and more....

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Papa John: The Art of Passion and Discipline

It’s a happy day for the SteadyTrade Podcast: Papa John (nothing to do with pizza, BTW) is back! We featured him on the podcast about a year ago, when he was one year into his trading journey. Today we’re checking in on how he’s progressed as a trader. In the episode,...

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Trading OTCs with Jack Kellogg

Today, host Tim Bohen interviews trader Jack Kellogg. This young trader’s into trading OTCs (over-the-counter stocks) that meet very specific criteria. Every now and again on SteadyTrade, we like to interview successful traders from the community to help inspire our...

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Watchlists, Accounts, & Emotions

Watchlists, Accounts, & Emotions As you’re probably already well aware, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson are a veritable treasure trove of trading-related information. Lucky you: Today they’re putting their knowledge to work by answering specific questions from...

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Blow-ups, Borrows and Brokers

It’s time for some spring cleaning at SteadyTrade! There are a variety of topics we’ve been meaning to address, and today’s the day we’re getting to them. In this week’s episode, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson tackle a grab bag of topics: What’s going on in the...

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Listener Mailbag: Paralysis by Analysis

Paralysis by Analysis Every few months here in SteadyTrade land, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson present a listener mailbag episode where they review some of the many inquiries we receive. This week we'll talk about : Paralysis by...

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