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Ep 37- Jonk’s Guide to Short Selling, Part 2

Episode 37: Jonk’s Guide to Short Selling, Part 2. One of the most commonly requested topics from listeners of The Steady Trade Podcast has been about short selling. To offer a comprehensive overview, we’ve put together a multi-part miniseries on the art of short...

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Ep 35- The Secrets to Arick Russell’s Success

Arick Russell At the Steady Trade Podcast, we believe that learning the stories behind successful traders can prove inspiring to those who are new to the market. In this episode, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson reveal the secrets to trader Arick Russell’s success...

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Ep 34 – Stephen Trades some Big Boy Stocks

Episode 34: Stephen Trades some Big Boy Stocks The Steady Trade Podcast isn’t necessarily about shock value. Rather, we want to help traders build a strong foundation so that they can enjoy a long and profitable career. However, in this episode, Stephen Johnson does...

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Ep 32 – Hey Jude: Fearless Female Trader

Female Trader The Steady Trade Podcast is all about bringing you, our listeners, engaging content that will help you stay inspired on your trading journey. As regular listeners will recall, last week’s episode closed with an incredible musical performance by listener...

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Ep 31: The Daily Trading Coach, Part 2

The Daily Trading Coach What a difference a week makes! Since Episode 30, wherein hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson began discussing a series of themes from the book The Daily Trading Coach by Brett Steenbarger, a lot has changed in the stock...

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Ep 30: The Daily Trading Coach (Part 1)

The Daily Trading Coach Traders need to be focused on self-improvement; you can never beat or “master” the market. To succeed, you must have a growth mindset and work to make yourself stronger, faster, and smarter each and every day. So the question is, "what is a...

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Ep 29: The Triforce Trader

Episode 29: Triforce Trader On the Steady Trade Podcast, we strive to educate you on ways to attain and maintain a long-term career as a trader. As part of that mission, we occasionally like to share interviews with successful traders to inspire you on your journey....

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