Submit Your Audio

Do you want your voice to appear on this podcast?

There are two ways you can make this happen:

1. Ask Tim and Stephen a question.

Ask them anything.  Record your question in your own voice.  Submit it by email.  If it is really good, we will include it in a future episode with a response from Stephen and Tim.

2. Record a Listener Outro
Record the following script and submit it via email.  We will use it to close out an upcoming episode:

Hi, this is [your name] from [where you live] and I like to [say something personal, creative, and quirky] while listening to Stephen and Tim on the Steady Trade podcast. You can register to win real actual prizes at their website And if you really like what you hear, give the podcast a 5-star rating and write a glowing review on iTunes.  I did.  And this is how we say goodbye in [where you live].

Submit all recorded audio to [email protected]