Think millennials are good for nothing? Think again. In today’s episode, host Tim Bohen is excited to interview two young men who are killing it: Bryce and Matt of the popular podcast Beyond the PDT.

Tim was interviewed on their show and now enjoys a bromance with these enterprising young lads. Today, they’re joining SteadyTrade to share their thoughts on important trading-related topics like the importance of connection, going from red to green, and how they’re working on breaking through the PDT barrier.

About Bryce and Matt

Bryce:  Originally from Syracuse, New York, Bryce’s college identity was initially all about basketball. But after transferring to a different school he met Matt — his partner in crime and business. He introduced Matt to freelance writing, which is an income source for him. And Matt introduced Bryce to trading.

Currently, Bryce is in his fourth year of college and working on an internship learning about supply chain management. He’s been trading just shy of two years but isn’t yet profitable. For him, the podcast, hopefully, is a means of changing that.

Matt: Growing up, Matt always had ‘“a knack for money”. By the age of 14 or so, he was selling iPhone cases on eBay for profit — just the first in a long line of side hustles.

About two years ago, when he was early on in his college career, he joined the Tim Sykes Trading Challenge. This was his introduction to trading, and he was almost instantly hooked.

Like Bryce, his first two years have been red … And actually, that’s a big part of how the podcast came to be.

About Beyond the PDT

Bryce and Matt run the podcast Beyond the PDT. In case you’re not familiar, PDT stands for the pattern day trader rule.

The PDT is designed to protect traders with small accounts. It limits how many trades you can execute per week when your account totals less than $25K. Breaking through the PDT is considered a huge milestone for new traders. It’s viewed as a sign that they’ve graduated to the next level.

In the podcast, Bryce and Matt interview inspiring traders in hopes of helping aspiring traders — including themselves — to gain wisdom about how to break through the PDT barrier.  

Motivated by individuals like Gary Vee, Bryce and Matt want to create a space to learn from and connect with established traders. Their hope is to create a community and grow as traders. Check out their podcast and subscribe!

Lessons Learned

In the episode, Tim talks with Bryce and Matt about some of the lessons they’ve learned through trading and the podcast. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Profits don’t always come right away. Both Bryce and Matt are sheepish about the fact that two years in they’re still in the red. But as Tim notes, “There’s nothing wrong with being 18 months or 2 years in and not being profitable.” Remember: some of today’s most prominent traders took years to turn a profit.
  • Connection matters. Trading can be lonely, which can make it easy to lose motivation. By connecting with other traders — through interviewing them in a podcast or just by connecting online — you can create a sense of community to help you stay fresh, focused, and inspired.
  • Consistency is key. One lesson that Bryce and Matt have learned is that instead of seeking profits, traders should instead focus on seeking consistency. This is just one key to steady trading.

Tim Reviews Bryce and Matt’s Trades

In the episode, Tim analyzes trades that both Bryce and Matt recently executed. Listen in for valuable commentary on these trades, including what Tim thinks they did right … and where they can improve.

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