When’s the last time you cracked open a good book?

SteadyTrade is happy to announce a new segment: the SteadyTrade Book Club! Today, hosts Tim Bohen, Stephen Johnson, and Kim Ann Curtin (aka The Wall Street Coach) are all on board to introduce the book club pilot program. 

The entire team shares their picks for the first several months of reading, including why they chose them. Listen in to discover some great new reads. We hope you’ll join in the conversation in the coming months as the hosts discuss each selection. 

Stay Tuned for the SteadyTrade Book Club Calendar

The official book club calendar is still forthcoming … but here’s the initial reading list, including why each host picked it and why it can’t be missed.

Check out these books and, please, chime in on future discussions…

SteadyTrade Book Club Selections 

Stephen’s Pick: Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas 

This book is currently scheduled for discussion in January. Stephen chose it because it focuses on a topic that’s near and dear to his heart: trading psychology. 

In the book, Douglas discusses how traders often believe that they don’t have enough market knowledge or that they’re in a bad cycle. But Douglas argues that more often than not, it’s your own mindset getting in your way. 

This book offers great tips for working on your psychology in addition to your all-important studies.

This segment also features a don’t-miss moment where Tim shares his favorite vice. Hint: it doesn’t need to be sophisticated but he always wants it! 

Kim’s pick:The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: How Risk Taking Transforms Us, Body and Mind” by John Coates

The discussion for Kim’s book selection is currently scheduled for December. This was an “earth-shattering” read for Kim when she read it for the first time about eight years ago. It really awakened her to the physiological aspects of trading. And that can influence people in ways they don’t even realize. 

In the book, a neuroscientist reveals that risk-taking and stress can affect our body chemistry — and that can affect our careers! He studied traders to better understand the science behind it all … The results are fascinating. 

Tim’s pick: The Daily Trading Coach” by Brett Steenbarger 

Tim’s pick is currently on November’s schedule for discussion. As Tim puts it, this is the ideal book for the generation of traders who don’t like to read. It flows more like a daily devotional. 

The book is about 300 pages with 101 lessons. You can read each one in 5–10 minutes, and every lesson is super handy for traders. It was featured in a past episode of SteadyTrade and is well worth picking up. 

Kim’s pick: The Inner Voice of Trading: Eliminate the Noise, and Profit from the Strategies That Are Right for You by Michael Martin 

This book is currently scheduled to be discussed in March. The book is short (yay!) but succinct. And it packs in plenty of great trading information.

In the book, Martin talks about his own trading journey, and how he realized that it’s primarily an emotional game. He also offers tips for how to get rid of the noise and listen to your inner voice. 

Tim’s pick:Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes” by Brian Shannon 

This book is currently scheduled to be discussed in February. Tim’s quick to point out that this is kind of a pricey book because it’s hard to find. Also, it’s not available as an audiobook…

But that probably because it’s heavy on the visuals and charts. According to Tim, the benefit of this read is that Shannon does a great job of making complicated trading concepts seem really accessible.  

Tim and Kim’s pick:The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand 

This book is currently scheduled to be discussed in April. Nope, it’s not about trading. But it is about staying stoic in the face of adversity … and that’s totally appropriate for traders. It’s Tim’s favorite book –– wouldn’t you love to discuss it with him?

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