Who is Stephen Johnson, really?

Longtime listeners are already familiar with SteadyTrade co-host Stephen. He has a wealth of trading knowledge and a wry sense of humor. Sure … there’s the occasional on-air drunkenness, too.

But what you may not know is the true story of how he started trading — or how he finally reached his reported consistent profitability.

In today’s episode, SteadyTrade co-host Kim Ann Curtin puts on her “psychological wizard” hat. Tune in as she leads Stephen through a fascinating interview. Learn his origin story, his ups and downs, and how he finally turned his trading around on his journey toward being a consistent trader.

Getting Famous

Stephen’s quick to admit he’s “a slave to the like button.” He jokes that he’s guilty of basing his self-worth on Instagram likes.

Maybe that’s what made him start the YouTube channel that made him an internet phenomenon very early in his trading career.

In the episode, you’ll learn the story of how Stephen got started as a trader. Here’s a quick teaser…

About three and a half years ago, he had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend. He was lonely, bored, and not feeling fulfilled at work.

Then he came across a Tim Sykes ad. “Do you want to get rich?” it asked … Stephen thought, why not?

He figured if it was a scam he could expose it. And if it wasn’t a scam he could potentially become rich. Either seemed pretty OK.

He began documenting his trading journey on YouTube and quickly gained a following. This led to the opportunity to co-host this podcast!

Stephen joined SteadyTrade fairly early into his trading career … and quickly became a household name for penny stock traders.

But was Stephen’s early internet fame actually a good thing?

Wins, Losses, and What He Learned

Stephen talks about the ups and downs of his early days as a trader.

He was doing all the right things … He joined Tim Sykes’ Pennystocking Silver. He pored over educational programs like “Trader Checklist” and “How To Make Millions.

But his mind wasn’t always in the right place. At first, he wanted to trade for intensity, to make money, and to prove that he could.

Sometimes early in his career, he’d shake with fear, adrenaline, or excitement.

But over the years, things have changed. He’s become more subtle and refined, and that’s helped his career in incredible ways.

Learn about his wins, losses, and experience, and how it’s all helped to shape his trading approach.

Putting the Pieces Together

After a few major losses, Stephen talks about how he finally began to develop his confidence. That’s when he started to shift into what he calls “the right mindset” for trading.

Guided by Kim, he talks about the importance of having a trading plan. But not just for individual trades … for his entire approach to trading.

By refining his actual trading methods and getting smart about cutting losses, he began to hit his stride.

And his confidence began to grow. Learn how and why Stephen’s mindset began to shift, and how he developed the ability to make and stick to a plan. He now has the discipline to cut losses quickly and without emotion. Find out what he did to reach this incredible milestone.

Stephen’s Rules for Success

If you ask Stephen, most traders lose because they’re ruled by their emotions.

He explains why “money is the root of all evil.” So even though it may seem counterintuitive, Stephen argues that focusing on making money is the worst thing traders can do.

Don’t miss Stephen’s rules for success. He also shares specific tips on how to choose stocks to trade. Yep, that includes the exact indicators and conditions he looks for.

You definitely won’t want to miss his tip on when to go bullish versus bearish. Believe it or not, it’s harder to figure out than you might think.

Finally, you’ll love hearing what Stephen says every single trader needs to do “until your eyes bleed.” Nope … it’s not just reading stock charts.

Are You Inspired?

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