Four times the pleasure — today’s episode is a series of mini-episodes focused on hot trading themes! 


The challenge? Keep each topic to five minutes. What do you think … Can co-host Tim Bohen stick to just five minutes per subject without running over? 


Stephen Johnson has his doubts, and Kim Ann Curtin isn’t around this week to keep things on topic.


Don’t make a drinking game of it … The SteadyTrade Podcast is NOT responsible if you need your stomach pumped! 


Don’t miss these four hot trading themes.


Topic 1: The Return of Meme Stocks

What a way to kick off hot trading themes … Remember AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC)? It’s had multiple crazy runs.


Near the recording date of this episode, AMC had just jumped from $37 to $48. But is the comeback for real? 


Tim and Stephen discuss AMC’s crazy trajectory. 


No, the long-term prospects aren’t great for this company, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be future moves. Remember: if it’s a true resurgence you don’t have to be there on day one. You can trade on day two, three, four…

Topic 2: NFT Comeback

Speaking of comebacks, what’s the deal with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)


According to Tim, the sector kind of warmed up — but then meme stocks pushed it aside. It was over before it began. But he still thinks there could be a real NFT run in the near future.


Case in point? Former runner Takung Art Co Ltd. (NYSEAMERICAN: TKAT) had a nice red-to-green move on August 25, 2021. 

Tim and Stephen might not understand what NFTs are. But they understand that, like Beanie Babies, they have serious potential for mania. Don’t miss their thoughts on this still-promising sector.

Topic 3: Part-Time Trading 

Up next on today’s hot trading themes, Tim and Stephen discuss approaches that let you trade smarter without necessarily working harder. 


One thing they both agree on? Traders must establish a checklist for determining the quality of potential trades.


Will a checklist turn you from a money-losing trader to Paul Tudor Jones? Nope. But it will force you to be a better and more responsible trader. If you can build those reps and form good habits and minimize mistakes, there is less potential for disaster…

Topic 4: Lifestyle 

If you follow Tim on social media, you’ve probably seen him post about something called 75 Hard. 


No, he’s not becoming an exotic dancer. It’s a 75-day program of mental and physical training. It includes two 45-minute workouts per day, a certain amount of reading per day, adherence to a diet, and avoiding alcohol. 


How’s it going? How’s it affecting his training? And most importantly, how epic will his cheat day be at the end of it? 

Thoughts or Comments on These Hot Trading Themes? 

What did you think of the hot trading themes in this mini-episode format? 


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