Today’s show is a little different, featuring a time-capsule format. In the episode, host Tim Bohen shares some stock predictions he made in February and compares his theories for how the stocks would perform with how they actually performed in the month since.

Listen in as Tim and co-host Stephen Johnson review the stock picks and critique what Tim got right and what he got wrong!

The Backstory

Last month on Valentine’s Day, when the world was focusing on love, Tim was missing Stephen during his Thailand trip.

Instead of crying into his beer, he put together a Valentine’s Day watchlist of stocks he loves and published it on Today, both hosts go through the list and review how the trades went, how they performed, and what happened.

Tim’s Valentine’s Day Watchlist Criteria

To narrow down his watchlist, Tim used one of his favorite scans from StocksToTrade Pro, where he performed a 52-week scan for stocks that were within 2% of the 52-week high. In looking for stocks that were hitting that level but hadn’t blown through it, he felt that he could find some strong contenders for trades.

So how did his theories stack up? Here are some highlights:


Undoubtedly this was the sketchiest stock of the bunch, offered by a business with a kind of silly premise. This business offers people to rent out their cars to other people who can then drive for Uber or Lyft.  

Wary? So is Stephen, who says, “Would you really give up your car to some dirty man wearing sandals?”

After its IPO, the stock did nothing but fade. Then, in January, it broke out. Tim’s theory was that it would peak because while Uber and Lyft haven’t had their IPOs yet, this was a way to invest in that sector. Was he right? Listen to find out!


Zix Corporation is a company that provides email encryption services. Cool, but not necessarily a sexy sector.

As Tim saw it, it was a stock that was trending and had some hope. It hadn’t consolidated, so it could go either way. Was Tim spot on, or did he fall on his face with this one? Find out in the episode.


This is a true love stock of Tim’s for some time. The first weed stock listed on the Nasdaq, he spotted it in the $7 range, and now it’s in the $20s.

With so many weed stocks now on the big exchanges, could CRON continue to be a groundbreaker and make traders big money? In the episode, you’ll hear how the stock has performed since Tim made his watchlist.


Tim had a ‘latte’ hope for the Starbucks stock. It had been going sideways, but then in February, it reached new 52-week highs. Earnings had just been released, the market was moving, and Howard Schultz had just announced he might run for president.

Tim posited that with all this news, many more buyers might be interested in SBUX simply because it was being mentioned so much, so he added it to the list. But did all those news bits actually boost the stock price?


Zynga Inc. is a social game developer and the maker of Farmville.

In Tim’s view, since online gaming is hot and there’s plenty of buzz in the sector, it had potential. It was an earnings winner and poised to potentially be a sympathy play, as many other gaming companies had broken out recently.

Tim thought it had potential, but did he get zinged by Zynga? Find out in the episode!


Garmin, Inc is a company focusing on wearable tech. With 52-week highs happening, Tim saw it as being perhaps ready to break out. The popularity of other wearable tech, like the Fitbit and Apple Watch, only furthered his theory.

Be sure to listen to how this stock’s performance played out — you might be amazed by the huge difference in stock price between February and today!  

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