Ever wondered how traders use the SteadyTrade Team mentorship community to hone their go-to chart patterns?

Today, you can get an inside glimpse as hosts Kim Ann Curtin, Stephen Johnson, and Tim Bohen welcome guest Will Beebe.

This trader shares his top chart patterns, trading process, and much more. And yep, he’s a member of the SteadyTrade Team and an active participant in the chat room.

Will spent three and a half years honing his trading skills on his own. With a B.A. in economics and a minor in accounting, he thought he’d have a leg up on other traders… But trading is a whole different beast!

That’s why he pursued a trading education with the SteadyTrade Team. He knew it was the right path to take him to the next level. 

He’s now a full-time trader who loves the process of learning and sharing his top tips with others.

Check out what he shares in this episode of the SteadyTrade podcast!

Can Chart Patterns Help You Succeed?

Pro traders have a handful of go-to patterns in their toolkit. They know what works for them and what doesn’t. 

You have to find what works for you. It’s the only way to narrow down your stock search. And it’s how you discover the right opportunities for your setups.  

Tim Bohen agrees. The most important thing is focus! If you jump around all the time, it’s harder to tell how sharp your skills are. Was it you that failed … or the market? 

When you know your chart patterns in and out, you can make that call faster. If you don’t take action to close a losing trade, it’s time for you to work on discipline. It’s not the market’s fault. 

And you should improve at taking profits too. So you won’t hold on too long. And you won’t let greed take your earnings from you. 

We’ve all seen breakouts turn to fakeouts. It’s not pretty. But with practice, Will found a way to make breakout pullbacks work for him!

Bohen approves of Will’s strategy. It’s aggressive, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s a good play. And it can add good risk management to a standard breakout chart pattern. 

And it’s based on one of Bohen’s all-time favorite chart patterns! The SteadyTrade Team analyzes the nitty-gritty details of Will’s winning trade…

How Important Is Work Ethic?

Traders are in the game for the potential freedom, right? We don’t want a 9-to-5 or a boss. We want to do as we please!

But do we always get to choose? After all, the market can be pretty unpredictable. If you come and go as you please, you might not know what’s going on when you come back to your screen. 

Will reminds us you also have to be coachable. You can’t assume you already know everything about the market. You have to learn what’s hot now and adapt. 

And Will knows what it’s like to learn something new. He went from being in the military to studying at Oregon State University. He then seasoned his accounting skills. 

From there, he became a trader and later joined the SteadyTrade Team. Will even spent many hours watching market makers affect stock positions! This made him a more confident trader.

He applies his can-do attitude to trading by treating it like a business. He’s happy to put in the hours. And he sees his mind as a clean slate, eager to learn more. But it wasn’t always easy…

Finding the right process was a game-changer. When you’re on the right path, it’s easier to stay devoted.

Find out the number one strategy that took his trades from hit or miss to home runs!

What Motivates A Winner? 

No one likes to lose money. It just doesn’t feel good. But sometimes the excitement of a trade can get the better of us. Stephen’s been down that road more than once. 

But everyone has their limits. Coming up against your pain thresholds can take you in a new direction. You have to get to a point where you say “enough is enough.” 

When Will started out, he made all the mistakes newbies make. He followed alerts without knowing the why behind them. He winged it. He boomed and busted. 

When he started watching YouTube, he realized he needed a proper trading education. That’s when he decided to join the SteadyTrade Team. 

Will says, “change happens when the consequences are more than you can bear.” Thankfully, it only takes most traders one or two painful losses to change bad habits.

Bohen agrees. He got tired of throwing up on his keyboard over margin calls. The stress of short selling was too much to bear. So he turned long for good. 

It turned out there was so much to learn from long chart patterns … and he shares his winning strategies in this week’s episode.

What Do You Think?

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