Today’s an extra special day here on the SteadyTrade podcast — our very own Tim Bohen is celebrating his birthday! And co-hosts, Kim Ann Curtin and Stephen Johnson are putting him in the hot seat. 

If there’s anything you wanted to know about Tim, chances are you’ll learn it in this episode. No stone is left unturned — professionally and personally.

Tune in to hear how Tim Bohen got started in the markets, found penny stocks, and eventually became the mentor we all know and love. 

You’ll laugh … You’ll cry … And you’ll hear words of wisdom and advice from one of our favorite hosts, Tim Bohen!

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Tim Bohen: The Early Years

Today’s episode starts off with a trip down memory lane with Tim as he reflects on his journey into the markets and trading. 

He started looking at stocks in newspapers when he was still in grade school. He’s a self-proclaimed dork and would watch stocks like Apple and Microsoft. In high school, Bohen subscribed to the Wall Street Journal and has been a subscriber ever since. 

In college, mutual funds were the “big thing.” So he started investing some money from his pizza delivery job. But he says he never really made any money. 

Years later, he missed the dot-com boom while he was starting his own business. 

After the boom, when his business was stable, he started putting more money into the markets. Mostly trading ‘real’ stocks. But again, he wasn’t making any money. 

Then one day, he got a recommendation on Amazon for Tim Sykes’ book, “An American Hedge Fund.” He got it … and his life changed forever. 

Tim Bohen’s ‘Aha’ Moment

Stephen asks Tim when trading ‘clicked’ for him. 

Tim says it was after reading Sykes’ book and realizing he could short penny stocks. 

Penny stocks were all flying back then — but they all eventually failed. And shorting fit Tim’s skeptical personality. That’s when he says he finally started finding consistency. 

The toughest thing about shorting was getting the locates. Tim sure wishes Dan Pipitone was around back then. 

Once trading was clicking for Tim, he sold his business to trade full time. 

He admits trading can be lonely. So when he was approached by StocksToTrade to become a trainer, he jumped at the chance. 

Now he’s never been happier in his professional career. He loves finance and helping people. 

A Day in the Life of Tim Bohen

Kim wants to know what a day in the life of Tim Bohen looks like… 

Tim breaks it all down for us — from what time he gets up, what he reads every day, to what he eats for breakfast and dinner. 

You can catch him every morning live on Instagram and YouTube for his no-cost premarket sessions. (Sign up here to get the daily recaps too.

He also gives webinars every morning and afternoon for SteadyTrade Team members. 

So … what does a ‘me’ day look like for Tim? Tune in to find out what he would do with a day off. 

Tim Bohen’s Goals for This Year

Stephen wants to know what Tim’s goals are for the year, whether it’s for trading, teaching, or mentoring…

Tim’s number-one passion is helping people. He wants to make an impact on people’s lives whether it’s small or large. And he wants to make the world a better place, every day.

It has him reflecting on his days of coaching Little League, which stirs up emotions. 

Find out where Tim gets his big heart for helping others and where he’d go if he could go anywhere in the world. 

Tim’s Advice for Life

What’s the most important advice Tim gives to new traders? Stephen’s been around long enough to know the answer. It’s the same advice Tim gave him when he started … It’s simple, yet powerful. 

Other advice from Tim … He thinks now is the best time ever to learn to trade. There’s never been more opportunities, technology, and endless information at people’s fingertips. He says there’s nothing stopping you from being a better version of yourself. 

Try new things, find what you’re interested in, have a positive mindset, and put in the work. 

No matter how bad things are or what obstacles you think you have, you can always start somewhere. You just have to take the first step. 

Plus, Tim shares the hardest thing he’s ever done … Spoiler alert! It’s not trading. Tune in to find out what it is and why Tim says the hardest things in life are the most rewarding.  

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