You asked for more timely content … We listened! Today’s guest, Kyle Williams of StocksToTrade’s Breakouts & Breakdowns, weighs in on the state of the market right now. He discusses crypto, the OTC market, and how he’s adapted his strategy over the years. Plus, learn his $2 million+ short-selling secrets! 

Listeners, we hear you! 

We’ve received a ton of reader feedback that you’d love to hear more of-the-moment market updates. 

The SteadyTrade Team and StocksToTrade universe boast a ton of talented traders, so we’re tapping into their expertise to deliver timely content.

In today’s episode, SteadyTrade podcast co-host Tim Bohen is joined by Kyle Williams of StocksToTrade’s Breakouts & Breakdowns chat room. They’re flying solo while Stephen’s on an ayahuasca trip (no, really). 

Don’t miss their conversation about today’s hottest topics in trading — crypto, the state of the OTC market, and much more! 

About Kyle Williams 

Not familiar with Kyle? Here are a few things to know:

  • This talented trader has been in the game since 2016. 
  • He got inspired to become a short-seller after watching “The Big Short.” 
  • In 2021, he crossed the million-dollar profit mark
  • Just a few months later, he crossed $2 million

These days, traders can learn from him in Breakouts & Breakdowns, a chat and alert service offered through StocksToTrade.

You can also stay updated with him on these social media channels:

State of the Market 

At the time of recording, OTC stocks had been somewhat slow. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Kyle explains how the OTC slowdown caused him to pivot more into listed stocks. 
  • The great circle of life for OTCs and how they come and go.
  • Why it’s a trader’s responsibility to adapt and practice restraint during slower times. 
  • Just because a strategy isn’t working right now doesn’t mean it’s over forever. 

Hot Runners, FOMO, and Lessons Learned

It was a crazy runner with a ridiculous run … Camber Energy Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: CEI) CEI) was on many a trader’s radar in late September. It leads to several interesting topics of discussion:

  • Just because there’s a hot runner out there doesn’t always mean that traders can or will profit. 
  • Kyle explains why CEI represented a host of missed opportunities for him — and how he contended with the FOMO mind games he faced during the period of its run.
  • Why pushing size and taking bigger risks are rarely good ideas
  • What Kyle could have done better — for instance, taking more conservative size and being less aggressive in the morning. 
  • CEI’s harsh ending and why traders always need to be prepared to cut losses.


Crypto’s hot again! Don’t miss what Bohen and Kyle have to say:

  • Is bitcoin (BTC) going to a million? 
  • Why Kyle thinks BTC is undervalued.
  • Both traders talk about their hopes for BTC and crypto for the future and why they think there’s a lot more room for upside.
  • How can new traders get exposed to crypto? 
  • Learn about Kyle’s crypto trading bootcamp with fellow trader Matt Monaco

Life Beyond Trading 

Making money is great, but it’s not everything in life.

Kyle’s motivated to do more with his money than just hoard it or spend it on stuff. In the episode, he shares what he’s been up to, including:

  • Donations to charity — including a $10,000 donation to cow sanctuary Libby Lou’s Safe Haven on his mom’s behalf
  • A private jet ride for his grandparents — that one’s not charity, but it was definitely a good deed!

Stay Current…

The market’s constantly changing. Hearing from top traders like Kyle can help you learn about what makes the market move and how to keep adapting. Never stop learning! 

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