If the market’s not so hot, millionaire trader and mentor Roland Wolf puts trading on the back burner. But he’s no slacker. This is the hands-off approach that made him a millionaire (and kept him from losing money!). Wanna learn his secrets? 


Today, Roland shares his unique approach to trading — including what he thinks of the current market, work-life balance, and why aggressive young traders sometimes give him FOMO…

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in this interview with Roland:

The State of the Market 

The stock market’s been a strange place lately. After a summer slowdown, there have been pockets of heat. Roland offers his take on several timely topics, including: 

  • The crazy Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) run
  • NFTs and crypto stocks 
  • What happened to biotechs? Will they come back?

Necessary Adjustments 

Roland’s quick to admit that he hasn’t made a lot of money recently. It’s not because he doesn’t care about trading anymore. It’s because his setups simply aren’t there — he doesn’t want to fall prey to FOMO! 

He’s using this time to improve his emotional and physical wellbeing — and prepare for a new baby on the way in December! Learn why he believes that dedicating time to one’s personal wellbeing is vital to long-term trading success…

Moving Forward in the Post-2020 Stock Market

The stock market changed forever in 2020. A ton of new traders came to the market, and it changed several of Roland’s tried-and-true patterns. 

Change isn’t bad — in fact, it’s inevitable in the stock market. Learn how he’s adapting, including upping his game on monitoring VWAP and more. 

He also talks about the new traders who have hit the market — some who work in the same office as him, like Bryce Tuohey (featured in Ep. 223) and Matt Monaco (featured in Ep. 202).

Roland talks about how these young traders love to take big size — but also assume big risk. He’s inspired … and he definitely feels FOMO! But as a family man, he knows he has too much to lose by taking that approach.

Learning and Teaching 

In addition to constantly learning about the stock market, Roland also offers new traders an education through his mentorship program, Roland Wolf’s Trading Accelerator

His goal isn’t to create clones but to guide traders to find their own style. He wants to help them navigate their way through the initial difficult learning curve and the second learning curve to get experience and deal with “the psychological stuff.”

Stay Inspired…

As you can see, Roland’s career has progressed a lot since the last time he was featured on the podcast. His journey is a testament to the power of adapting and staying cautious and constantly learning! 

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