Ep 123: Trading SES (Stephen turns $700 into $4,000)

In trading, the only constant is change. It’s also the concept that SteadyTrade co-host Stephen Johnson has proven again and again. He’s been up, he’s been down. He’s had incredible successes … and staggering failuresToday, Stephen’s in the hot seat again … But this time, he’s talking about his recent hot streak! In the past few weeks, he’s managed to turn a $700 account into more than $4,000. So what happened? Tune in as Stephen joins co-hosts Tim Bohen and Kim Ann Curtin to discuss his recent successes trading SES and how he’s grown as a trader. 

Stephen’s Account Grows Up 

To some traders, a profit of $3,300 might not seem like a big deal. But to achieve these kinds of gains in just a few weeks starting with a small account, it’s a pretty major achievement. 

No doubt, plenty of people tout their ‘big’ trading successes on the internet — saying they make these kinds of profits or more. But where’s the proof? 

In this episode, you’ll learn the real story of how these gains added up. Need some visual aids? Watch this one on YouTube to see all the specific chart action of Stephen’s winning trades!

Trading SES: The Trade That Changed Everything

The biggest winner in Stephen’s recent winning streak? A little ticker called SES. This stock set the market on fire — popping 80% and getting a lot of attention. 

It seems to have set off a chain reaction: there have been several huge runners in play since SES ran. 

Stephen explains how he approached the trade. Initially, it didn’t go his way … so he cut losses. He had a similar situation in the past where he ended up blowing up his account. Stephen definitely didn’t want to do that again.

You won’t believe what happened next … He was “shaking” with fear. But the trade worked out much differently than he expected. Listen in for Stephen’s full rundown.

A Shift in Trading Psychology

At some point, most traders get sick of ruining their days on bad trades. So the smart traders educate themselves about how they play the market. 

The real key to Stephen’s success in this trade? Having the right mindset. As he explains, he’s seen this type of setup many times before.

Having been burned in the past, he knew what type of approach to take this time. He evaluated the potentials: what’s the likelihood of something happening? How can I alter my plan to account for that? 

A New Approach 

With all that he’s learned, Stephen’s taking a new approach to trades. He’s “much more cautious” and plans for the worst-case scenario.

He takes the time to review the motives behind his trading and why he’s getting into it. These days, it’s more about his end goals — not FOMO or just looking for some market action. 

The difference may seem subtle, but it can make a huge difference!  

Like an Olympic swimmer shaving to gain speed, Stephen is shaving away what’s unnecessary to help boost his trading. As a result, he’s gotten much more in tune with his approach to the market. He’s feeling more anchored and reporting that cutting losses feels less personal. 

Listen in to hear how he changed his habits and mindset to gain greater clarity as a trader. Stephen’s learning that “to be a good trader, you’ve gotta have total presence of mind.”

Whatcha Thinking?

Got a question or comment about Stephen’s recent shift? Did you have a good experience trading SES? Contact us! 

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