Listen up, traders: If you’ve never heard of Kim Ann Curtin, then by the end of this episode, you’ll be so glad you tuned in to Trading with Egos and Gremlins. 

Kim focuses on executive performance training for traders…

Say what? She’s a trading coach extraordinaire — kinda like the character Dr. Wendy Rhoades (played by Maggie Siff) in the current TV show “Billions.”

With firms in the U.S., the UK, and Dubai and the book “Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future” under her belt, Kim usually consults with established and extremely successful traders. But today hosts Tim and Stephen are lucky to have her on the show to share tips with traders who are still on their way up!

Want to improve as a trader (ahem, who doesn’t)? Listen closely to every single thing that Kim has to say in this action-packed 100th episode of the SteadyTrade podcast!

Who Is Kim Ann Curtin?

The fact that Kim Ann Curtin would become a fixture in the world of finance wasn’t necessarily evident at an early age. She attended FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City and was initially on quite a different path…

Then she decided to go into finance for the same reason as so many people: to make money. Then ten years later she decided to launch an executive coaching firm. Unfortunately, her timing wasn’t great. She was just starting her business just a year before the stock market fell in 2008. Unfortunately, her timing wasn’t great: She was just starting her career when the stock market began to dip in the 2000s.

With an interest in community and spirituality, she was inspired by the Free Hug movement and decided to give the concept a try in free coaching for traders. Her spin was to offer her services initially for free. Her timing was spot on this time. The first day she set up with a “The Coach Is In” sign coincided with the infamous market crash.

On any other day, people might’ve walked by, but now they were curious and open following such a momentous event. Reporters interviewed her, and she was immediately branded “The Wall Street Coach.” That name has stuck ever since.

In the episode, she weighs in on a variety of topics that are appropriate for traders at any and every level, including…

Learning From Your Mistakes

Knowing he’s in the presence of a pro, Stephen asks the million-dollar question: How can degenerates like us stop making the same mistakes over and over?

Yoda (er, Kim) has some incredible things to say on the topic, starting with this simple concept:

The process of recovery begins with self-awareness.

What would happen if instead of kicking yourself, you noticed patterns? For instance, “Every time this happens, I make a mistake.” Can you learn to look at your tendencies with curiosity instead of judgment? That’s a great starting point.

The Ego Isn’t a Bad Thing

While the ego is often perceived as a bad thing, Kim posits that our ego isn’t bad or wrong — it’s built to help us survive. So the motive is to help us cope with whatever shows up.

But then again … which ego is showing up for you?

Kim suggests that there are two versions of the ego: The uppercase (Ego) and the lowercase (ego).

The uppercase Ego is the version of yourself that’s enlightened, intuitive, and able to not be attached to results.

The lowercase ego is what tells you that your worth is based on success. It’s a saboteur, a gremlin, and it can keep you from making positive changes.

In this episode, you’ll be guided through a series of questions to ask yourself to get to the bottom of your trading tendencies, including:

  • Are you self-aware?
  • Do you see patterns in what you do?
  • What do you say to yourself?
  • What goes on in your mind when you trade?

Failure, Success, and False Hope

You need to have a prenup before investing in anything.

Just as traders can have a hold and hope mentality in trades, they can have it in life.

Kim about the physiological aspects of failure, success, and false hope — and how that can mess with your mind as a trader. Don’t fall into these traps!  

The Importance of Tracking Your Emotions

You can’t train your emotions … but you can learn to work with them by being aware of them.

In the episode, Kim, Tim, and Stephen talk about the benefits of tracking not just trades, but also the emotions that come with trading. This can be a gateway to figuring out your unhealthy patterns.

For instance, if you think you’ll be the one outlier, maybe you should check in with yourself about that grandiosity.

Often, the most successful people have painful journeys. You must do some emotional intelligence work on yourself!

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