Every trader has at least one… 

Most successful traders have many over the course of their careers. 

So what’s an ‘aha’ moment? 

For some, it could be as simple as learning a new trading strategy. And for others, it may be as painful as blowing up their first trading account. 

That’s the beauty of it … It’s completely unique to each trader and totally dependent on where they are in their trading journey. 

That’s why two of your TWIST hosts,  Matt Monaco and Kyle Williams, sat down with new trader Jantzen. This trader is still in his first year of Timothy Sykes’ Trading Challenge. 

Together, these three traders break down their recent trades. And Jantzen flips the script on the veteran TWIST traders to ask them crucial questions about their early years. 

Make sure you watch today’s entire episode! It’s packed with trading gems and tips.