Once again, legendary TWIST co-host Jack Kellogg is out for the count as he recoups from mononucleosis (mono). 

So today, two of your favorite hosts bring in the goofy, yet somehow professional, Bryce Tuohey

Bryce was first on TWIST a couple of months ago when he crossed the $25,000 profit mark. Since that episode, he reports he’s now hit the $65,000 profit mark.* 

And Bryce has been releasing hilarious videos — SteadyTrade Treats — on the StocksToTrade Instagram and YouTube channels. His goal is to give traders of all skill levels a bite of educational comic relief during the stressful trading today. Who doesn’t need that in 2020?

Tune in to hear what Matt, Kyle, and Bryce get up this week on another Treats/TWIST crossover episode!

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*Please note that these kinds of trading results are not typical. Most traders lose money. It takes years of dedication, hard work, and discipline to learn how to trade, and individual results will vary. Trading is inherently risky. Before making any trades, remember to do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.