Change is just about the only thing you can count on in the stock market. That doesn’t mean it isn’t painful at times. Tim and Stephen offer some real talk on how traders can deal with a market shift without sacrificing their sanity or accounts. Don’t miss this! 

Hey, did you feel that? 


No, it wasn’t an earthquake. It was the market shifting.


If you’ve been frustrated by the unpredictable mood of the market as of late, you’re not alone. Plenty of traders are feeling thrown off and uncertain of how to proceed in the face of recent market changes. 


Don’t have an emotional blow-up! In today’s episode, Stephen and Tim share valuable tips for dealing with market shifts, including some unexpected coping techniques. Are you ready? Here’s a sneak peek…

Seasonal Shifts 

A famous adage urges traders to “sell in May and go away.” Traditionally, the market’s a LOT slower in the summer than any other time of year. 


Tim agrees that the summer is slower in the stock market. However, he argues that things don’t slow down enough to totally walk away. Listen in to hear how he finds and follows opportunities during the summer months and into the early fall…  

Cooler Weather, Hotter Trading 

Both Stephen and Tim agree: the market tends to heat up as the weather cools down. 


Kids are back in school, days are getting shorter. People aren’t outside as much. They need something to do, so trading picks up.


Learn how and why hot sectors heat up in the fall and winter months…

Dealing With Market Shifts 

Stephen confesses he’s been having a rough time lately. Shorting has been tough. The market has been tough. 


He’s circled back to the benefits of having trading as a side hustle and having another source of income to ease the pressure and stress…


But he’s also come to realize that it’s important to have other passions in life. 


Learn how he’s combatting trading blues by planning an epic travel adventure. Spoiler: he might visit the hosts of the popular TWIST podcast soon…

Dealing With Losses

Stephen and Tim talk about the L-word — you know, losses. 


They both agree that trading is less about what you make — it’s more about what you keep. Traders won’t want to miss this honest discussion about dealing with losses during a market shift — and how to avoid letting them snowball. 

Are Penny Stocks Changing Forever? 

Sectors and hot stocks aren’t the only things that shift. Public opinion changes, too.


Stephen recalls how when he first started trading, people thought his mentor Tim Sykes — and penny stocks in general — were a total scam. 


Things have really changed, thanks to the 2020 trading boom and more general awareness. Stephen and Tim talk about how things have changed and what it means moving forward…


Are you feeling more comfortable about dealing with market shifts?


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