It’s time for another SteadyTrade interview — this time with Del the Trader!

When it comes to trading, there are plenty of different approaches to take like high-priced stocks or low-priced stocks. Then there’s forex, crypto, options, penny stocks, futures… 

It can be hard to choose a direction or niche. 

At the SteadyTrade podcast, we want to help you find out what works for you. It’s all to help you become a consistent, well-rounded, and well-educated trader. To that end, we like to feature all sorts of different traders on our podcast, so you can learn from their experience.

Today, the whole crew — Tim Bohen, Stephen Johnson, and Kim Ann Curtin — is talking with Del. He’s a trader and popular YouTuber with a unique approach to the stock market. Listen in to learn from his successes and his mistakes.

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Who Is Del the Trader?

You may know Del the Trader from Twitter (@delthetrader), his podcast Bear vs. Pig, his trading course, or from his popular YouTube channel. But who is he really? 

In the podcast, Del shares his trading story, starting with how the lure of quick money initially drew him to forex trading. He quickly learned — from losing money — that the stock market was a beast. He knew he needed to take a ‘fight or flight’ approach. 

Del chose to fight! 

He began studying in earnest and learned a lot of different trading techniques. One of the biggest takeaways? He really didn’t want a lifestyle that chained him to a computer.

Del explains how he progressed from forex to futures and how finally, things started to click. One of his biggest takeaways from the futures market? He learned a lot more about order flow analysis and “what was going on behind the candlesticks.” 

He learned to apply his knowledge to stocks, where there’s more volatility and excitement … That’s when things got interesting. 

How Del Trades Now 

Del explains how he trades now. He mainly deals in large-caps and options but actually uses a strategy that’s more small-cap/futures. 

The team talks about this approach. Check out this conversation! Del’s strategy is completely different from traditional approaches.

As Del explains, he studies “the battle between buyers and sellers using volume analysis and market profile.” 

He realized that there weren’t many tools to find the information he was looking for. So he came up with his own proprietary method for finding “conflict” between buyers and sellers. Del meticulously used spreadsheets to run his own regressions to find a potential chart pattern to trade. 

Learn why he thinks his strategy could be scaled to a variety of trading techniques and markets. 

The News, Indicators, and Moving Stocks

In the episode, our hosts and Del discuss what to look for in potential stocks to trade. Del has some non-traditional perspectives… 

For example, he believes that while news does matter, it’s really mostly about the technicals. To him, news simply “makes the technical patterns play out faster.”

The crew talks about the relationship between world events and stock movement … Using recent examples of stocks in play to make it easier to understand.  

The Secrets to Del’s Success 

Kim’s still learning trading basics, so she’s super curious … How long did it take for Del to become profitable, and what does he think helped him attain success? 

Del breaks it all down: how long it took him to become profitable, which trading methods were profitable, and some of the big realizations that led to his success. 

Here’s a quick hint: Find a narrowed-down strategy. Jack of all trades, master of none, is NOT the way to go in the market … But this is a lesson that too many traders don’t discover until they’ve already blown up an account.

Closing Thoughts 

Del closes out the interview with some wisdom that’s appropriate for traders of all types and at every level.

Here’s a gem that’s key: Don’t try to overdo it. 

As he puts it, “we’re a cup that’s constantly trying to be filled, and if we overflow it doesn’t mean we’re learning more.” He shares his thoughts on the very real danger of overtrading … and why full-time trading is NOT always a good idea. 

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