Gang, this is a very big deal…

Today, SteadyTrade is proud to host a guest we’ve been looking forward to having forever (or at least officially since Episode 130)… 

James Altucher! 

In case you don’t know, James is an inspiring entrepreneur, investor, and wildly popular podcaster. He’s the author of the bestselling book “Choose Yourself! Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream.” He’s also a stand-up comedian, chess master, and has great hair. 

He’s also brutally honest, and he’s had plenty of failure along with his successes. According to his website, he says, “I’ve started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed. But I’ve learned a lot along the way.” 

With a mega-inspiring outlook and no-BS demeanor, James is truly a force to be reckoned with. Don’t miss this episode — he’s bound to become your new spirit animal.

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Why Kim and Tim Love James Altucher

Spoiler: you’re gonna have to listen through a massive love-fest at the beginning of the episode. 

James reveals that his work is sometimes controversial — he’s even received death threats. But our hosts Tim Bohen and Kim Ann Curtin beam nothing but love to James.

You may not know this, but James and penny stock celeb (and Tim Bohen’s mentor) Tim Sykes go way back. Through this connection, SteadyTrade host Tim met James several years ago at a trading conference. 

Learn how, without even knowing it, James gave Tim some life-changing advice that led him to where he is now! 

Kim also shares her James Altucher origin story … Tune in to learn why his work has been so important to both hosts and how he’s inspired their trading and life journeys. 

“Life Gets Good When You Use Your Inner Compass” 

You already know that success doesn’t happen overnight, right? 

But there’s more to it than just hard work and diligence. It’s also important to be on a path that’s aligned with what you really want out of life. 

If you’re constantly fighting what you want out of life, you’ll never get ahead. The hosts and James discuss the importance of using your inner compass … And how to work to make amazing things happen!

What do you want out of life? Whether it’s day trading success, becoming a stand-up comedian, or something else entirely, this conversation is bound to inspire you. 

Finding Success in Trading

James doesn’t day trade anymore, but he did for a long time. And he has plenty to say about it. 

For instance? Whether you’re short-term day trading or long-term investing, you gotta build knowledge. You have to understand how companies and the market work before anything else.

How can you possibly have an opinion before you actually understand how the system works? How could you decide whether investing, options trading, or day trading on trends is better? 

Learn why it’s so important to know what you’re doing. You should read every book, listen to every podcast, and listen to the counterpoints. Don’t just pick sources that agree with you. Learn all sides of the argument.

As for finding your edge? Don’t miss James’ sage advice on finding yours. Check the episode for how you can adopt the habits of the most successful traders. 

The Psychology of Trading 

Let’s talk money! James talks about an optimal approach to trading… 

“Day trade as little as possible to get the returns that are satisfactory to you.” 

Along with Tim and Kim, he talks about figuring out how much to spend that still lets you sleep at night … He’s not just saying it either. Find out how he personally does this with his current strategy as a long-term investor. 

You’ll also learn about the importance of diversification … It’s not just for trading strategies. It’s also in terms of what you do. For instance, could trading actually work better as a side hustle for you? 

Learn what a “talent stack” is and how to start developing yours! 

Lean Into the Fear

Say you see a door. On the other side of that door is success … But there’s a skull and crossbones on it. So you think, “Oh, I won’t open that door.”

But what if you lean into that door? What if you lean into the fear? How could you MAXIMIZE your fear and find opportunities? 

You won’t want to miss this frank and inspiring discussion about the importance of embracing scary situations. Why? Because as James says, “a healthy amount of fear leads to success.”

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