Lucky you, listener: today’s guest is a big deal in the financial realm. In case you’re not familiar with the entrepreneurial tour de force that is Howard Lindzon, let’s get you up to speed. 

Originally from Canada, Howard Lindzon is an author, analyst, angel investor, hedge fund manager. And — this is a biggie — he’s the co-founder of StockTwits, aka “Twitter for stocks.” 

SteadyTrade co-host Tim Bohen has been a fan since at least the aughts. Back then, Howard was working on Wallstrip, a business podcast that CBS eventually acquired. 

In today’s episode, traders will gain all sorts of knowledge from Howard’s fantastic and extremely funny brain in a conversation with Tim and co-host Kim Ann Curtin.

Howard Lindzon on How the Market’s Changed 

Both Howard and Tim are “dinosaurs” in the world of trading. They’ve, ahem, been around for a while. So according to them, how have things really changed since the 1990s?

New traders will find it heartening to know that despite technological advances, the essence of trading remains the same.

Finding Opportunities

How does a big-deal investor like Howard go about finding opportunities? He talks about how he looks for catalysts, a “frictionless” upside, and a stock where “the story is being told in price and volume.”

Don’t miss a revealing conversation about why the best opportunities aren’t about discovering a stock before everyone else!

Going With the Tide 

As you learned in Episode 152 with trader and surfer Shane Dorian, trading is a lot like surfing. It’s all about riding those waves. Howard, Tim, and Kim discuss the importance of going with the flow as a trader rather than trying to impose a personal agenda on the market. 

It may not be sexy, it may not be perfect … but it works!

Keeping Your Ego in Check 

Howard Lindzon is kind of a big deal in the stock sphere … How does he avoid getting too cocky? 

Howard shares how his constant sharing of content keeps him accountable. If he knows his wife or daughter might read what he wrote, it keeps him honest. 

Traders who are tempted to think they can’t lose after a few successful trades won’t want to miss this advice for how to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground!

Being Good at What You Do

The crew talks about the importance of finding your lane and staying there, so to speak. Howard speaks to the idea that if you develop a strategy and stick to it, trading can become very natural. Sure, you’ll have to adapt and adjust, but you’ll have a strong foundation from which to grow. 

What Makes Stocks Move?

That’s the big question! Howard, Tim, and Kim talk about the psychology behind approaching certain stocks. 

Using Peloton (also discussed in Episode 128, “How To Profit From Outrage”) and Spotify as examples, they talk about what happens when people think a stock is “too high” to buy, and why falling in love with stocks or companies can be a good thing … as long as you have patience and discipline. 

What’s Different Now?

How’s the market different now, in 2020 and in the age of the coronavirus? 

Learn why, according to Howard, it’s possible the profits don’t matter as much as “building the biggest brand.” He also discusses why speculation on a company’s potential can be so impactful on a stock’s success — or lack thereof.

Howard Lindzon’s StockTwits Stories 

Curious about the story behind Wallstrip and StockTwits, two of Howard’s famous projects? Be sure to listen to the entire episode … he shares some awesome tidbits and behind the scenes stories!  

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