About that election…

No matter what side you’re on, you’ve gotta admit: it’s an election unlike any other. Of course, what else would you expect in 2020? It’s been a year unlike any other

At the SteadyTrade Podcast, we’re not interested in getting into political debates. We’re more interested in talking about how the election and its aftermath could shape the stock market. 

This episode was recorded shortly before the election results were called in president-elect Joe Biden’s favor. Listen in to hear co-hosts Tim Bohen, Kim Ann Curtin, and Stephen Johnson talk about the market, the election, and the emotions surrounding it all … Plus, find out their thoughts on the near future! 

A Monumental Moment 

Tim admits it: he was wrong…

A week before the election, he predicted that the market would only gap up if there was a clear and undisputed winner. However, at the time of this recording — before we had any results — the market was up, big time. 

Typically, during times of uncertainty, the markets react with uncertainty in kind. The crew talks about the monumental moment that the U.S. experienced during the election.

Stephen shares with his American co-hosts, “I know I’m not American but this is a very unique and special day … It’s monumental for you, but it’s monumental for the rest of the world too.” 

As a former resident of Dubai and Englander by birth, Stephen speaks to the opinion of foreigners on the election — you might be surprised! 

Are Politicians Good for the Economy?

The recent market spikes have Kim wondering: is the market making a split from politics? 

Talk about a debate! You won’t want to miss a lively discussion about the effect of politics and the economy on the stock market. 

Tim shares, “A lot of people say the economy isn’t the market … I disagree.” He makes an argument for why they’re irrevocably intertwined…

Regardless of how politics and the stock market are connected, one thing isn’t up for debate. President Donald Trump is very capable of moving stocks — his Twitter feed has even gained him the nickname “Pumper in Chief.”

How Will the Market Move Forward? 

Once again, at the time of this recording, the election still hung in uncertainty. 

However, what was true during the recording remains true even now — it was a really, really close race.

And nearly 50% of people may not be happy with the results. 

The crew talks about what this means — and how anger and frustration could affect not just the nation, but the stock market.

Did the Bookies Get the Election Right?

Plenty of people were trying to call the race in a most unusual way.

Not by bingeing on the news … But by following sports bookies. 

In retrospect, were they right? What does this say about an analytical, technical data approach to playing not just politics, but the stock market?

Prediction Time 

To close out the episode, our hosts each weigh in on their predictions for the U.S. and the stock market in the coming months. 

First, is it possible that the election will be contested? If so, what could happen?

Either way, there are plenty of things on the table that could move stocks — stimulus packages, taxes, continued low interest rates, a real estate boom…  

 “It could be a great time to make money,” observes Stephen. 

Is it Up For Debate?

Do you agree with the SteadyTrade hosts’ predictions for the stock market? Got questions about the episode? Hit us up!

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