Episode 55: Trader Checklist Tips to Remember

Part 5/14 of the Trader Checklist Review

Today, the Steady Trade Podcast brings you the fifth installment of a new series wherein hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson are sharing some of their favorite trading resources.

First up? The Tim Sykes video entitled Trader Checklist. In the past several episodes, they have been playing clips from the video and offering commentary and discussion. Once again, be sure to check out this episode on YouTube to see the accompanying video!

About Trader Checklist

Trader Checklist is a video by Tim Sykes which features 14 chapters of invaluable trading information. For each category and indicator covered, he’s set a numerical value of importance. It’s available for free online, so don’t miss out!

Awesome Giveaway!

To give you an even bigger incentive to check out this incredible video, Tim and Stephen have a giveaway going on.

To enter, first you need to watch Trader Checklist. Then, at the end of this multi-part episode, you’ll take part in a quiz based on the Trader Checklist tips, numerically rating stocks per the system in the video. If your grade matches Tim Bohen’s grade, you will win a prize (still TBA).

Featured clips

In Part 5 of the review episode, Tim and Stephen feature continue discussing Trader Checklist tips.


According to Tim Sykes, too few traders appreciate the importance of an easy entry and exit. This is something you need to think about before you take a position so that you don’t get stuck!

The Steady Trade take: Stephen has been stung by this scenario, and shares his experience. Both hosts offer important cautions about why you should avoid illiquid stocks.


According to Tim, buying is much easier than shorting. In the clip, he discusses why the need to borrow shares to bet against the stock can be tricky.

The Steady Trade take: Tim and Stephen agree: borrows can get hot, and short selling can get complicated! They offer some important tips for why not to get too mentally invested in a short sale.


Here, Tim Sykes talks about seasonal aspects that come into play with stocks, and how toward the end of the year, many people unload their positions for tax reasons. How can this create trading opportunities?

The Steady Trade take: There’s definitely a seasonal aspect to stocks when in the early part of the year there’s optimism about stocks and later in the year people are more likely to sell. Tim and Stephen discuss their own approaches to taking advantage of this phenomenon.


Tim Sykes talks about supply and demand. Simply put, if there are too many buyers and not enough sellers, the price will go up. If there are too many sellers and not enough buyers, the price will lower. These are important dynamics of stock market economics.

The Steady Trade take: Tim and Stephen talk about the greater ripple effects of supply and demand and how it can affect your investment. They talk about how, among other things, looking at historical data can help give you an edge.


Tim Sykes addresses an important topic: how cutting losses quickly can really help you help from losing big positions. While many people short sell without thinking about the risks, Tim prefers to “trade scared”.

The Steady Trade take: Tim and Stephen discuss the pros and cons of cutting losses prematurely and offer insight about whether or not you should hold a stock overnight.


Here, Tim Sykes addresses big companies. Are they really better investments? He offers his thoughts on this important subject.

The Steady Trade Take: Tim Bohen talks about the advantages of market cap small versus large. His take? If you want to make 1 percent, trade the big guys. If you want to grow a small account, focus on the small market caps. Listen to the episode to find out why!


Here, Tim Sykes looks at patterns not to buy, and what he calls the “bad sushi” example. Basically, there’s usually a reason why it’s on sale. This is one of the most important Trader Checklist tips!

The Steady Trade take: Tim and Stephen talk about charting and how to find the good tickers. They talk turkey (not sushi) about what to actually look for and how to sift through the junk to find the treasures for your trading style.

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