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Learn from veteran trader Tim Bohen and rookie trader Stephen Johnson of the Steady Trade Podcast as they walk you through the ‘ins and outs’ of day trading!

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Steady Trade Podcast Episode 1: An Introduction to Day Trading

What would you say if you heard that there’s a career out there that allows you to be your own boss, to set your own hours, and make incredible amounts of money? As you may have gathered from the name of the show, this podcast is out to prove that trading can be that career. Success as a trader is available for anyone who wants it and is willing to put in the work. The key? You must take the time to learn how to do it right.

In the Steady Trade Podcast, you will learn how to transition from trading curiosity to becoming an active and successful trader. This inaugural episode will begin to lay down the foundation by addressing some of the basics about what it takes to create a career as a trader.

Meet the hosts

The Steady Trade Podcast is brought to you by two hosts: Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson.

Tim Bohen is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been involved in all sorts of businesses, from pizza to lawn care. But it wasn’t until he began trading penny stocks that he truly began to find financial success. After retiring at the age 40 with his ample penny stock earnings, this self-titled “salty trading veteran” now dedicates himself to educating and mentoring others on developing the skills required for day trading.

Stephen Johnson is also an entrepreneur and creative thinker, but as a trader, he’s a relative newcomer. With just about 13 months of market experience under his belt, he’s on a journey to discover everything he possibly can about trading. He’s currently documenting his process of progressing from rookie to full-time trader on his YouTube channel.

As you can see, Tim and Stephen are coming from very different places in their respective careers. As a listener, you can benefit by the different points in their careers. Together, Tim and Stephen can offer a trading education that shows many different perspectives and points of view. Tim’s hard-earned knowledge and Stephen’s learning-on-his-feet will resonate with traders both old and new, and will inspire you to start or continue your own journey.

Are you ready?

The first steps toward finding trading success are simple. You have to want it, you have to believe in yourself, and you must be willing to take the leap. This podcast’s goal is to help you make that happen by offering you a clear and thorough education on trading. Inspired by their mentor Tim Sykes, the hosts follow an approach of clarity and transparency.

As Tim Bohen says, “We want to help you establish a foundation to get you started as a day trader that will put you in a position to get the most out of what we have to offer in Season Two and beyond.”

The traditional approach will not make you rich.

Traditionally, the approach many are taught to trading is that slow but steady wins the race.

And yes, it’s true that being prudent with your stock choices, choosing strong and solid companies and holding on to those stocks years in and years out can make you money.

The only problem? The traditional approach is not going to make you rich. You might make enough to go on a nice vacation or pad your retirement fund with these long term investments, but if you want to really make serious money, you’ve got to take a different approach.

Day trading: a different (and lucrative) approach

Day trading follows a very different process than long term investing. Instead of holding onto your stocks for months or years, you’re buying and selling on a much more frequent basis.

To be straight, day trading is not for everyone. It’s more volatile and far more demanding of traders. But for those who are up to the challenge, it can be an incredible way to generate income.

In the episode, Tim and Stephen address some of the signs that you might be well suited to day trading. They offer a frank discussion of why it is that 90 percent of day traders fail, and how it is that you can avoid becoming one of the casualties.

Finding success as a day trader

To become a successful day trader, you can’t simply follow another trader’s trajectory. “You will never succeed if you use other people’s ideas”, says Tim Bohen. Yes, you can learn from others and observe the habits and techniques that they employ to make money. But ultimately, it’s thinking for yourself that will help you find success as a trader.  

So how can you find your own success as a trader? Tim and Stephen expand upon their own experiences in the episode, offering inspiring real world advice about how to move past chance and flukes and establish your own trading career success.

Win big!

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