In this week’s episode of the SteadyTrade podcast, can hosts Kim Ann Curtin, Stephen Johnson, and Tim Bohen put the long vs. short debate to rest once and for all?

Stephen and Tim defend their sides with passion … Kim’s in the middle asking thoughtful questions. She gets the guys to share the most important things to consider when you trade long vs. short. 

Does one strategy give traders better odds from the start? Stephen thinks so … and he shares some amazing statistics to back up his choice. 

Bohen advocates his side with plenty of real-life stories. And he’s got lots of wisdom of his own. So which strategy does he recommend? He holds nothing back in this week’s podcast. 

Long vs. Short: Which Strategy Is Better? 

Stephen’s on a mission to convert newbies to the short side. He says there’s a statistical advantage to starting off short and shares tips for navigating the short road in today’s market.

That gets Bohen fired up. He doesn’t want anyone starting out on the short side. Find out why he thinks the short mentality can keep you trapped in losing trades. 

Stephen argues most of the famous traders on Twitter made their money by shorting, although he admits there are some challenges for newbies trying to short. Tune in for more on that!

A Trader Toolkit for Every Strategy

Kim wants to know if the guys have a message to their past selves when they were just getting started in the game…

You gotta hear Stephen’s message — it’s inspiring. And he shares the skinny on how to know when you’ve made it. 

Bohen champions the long side of the long vs. short debate. And he’s got a warning for newbie traders … it comes from his own experiences. Don’t say he didn’t warn you!

Plus, Stephen steps in with a killer strategy for catching breakouts before they pop. You’ll want to study up on his hot tips! Don’t miss this episode.

What Do You Think?

What’s your stance on the long vs. short debate? Do you have a long bias or a short bent? Has your preference changed over time?

We’d love to hear what you think, so drop a comment. 

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