Big news! We’d like to officially announce … Kim Ann Curtin, aka The Wall Street Coach, is now OFFICIALLY a co-host of the SteadyTrade podcast. Get to know Kim better in this recent StocksToTrade post.

Frequent listeners already know Kim pretty well … She’s been featured on numerous episodes and is always a crowd favorite. But check this out: even though she’s trained plenty of traders, she doesn’t actually have much trading experience of her own.

Don’t hold it against her … she didn’t know what team Tom Brady played for until recently, either. That’s all about to change … well, the trading part at least. 

In today’s episode, co-host Tim Bohen introduces a game plan to make a pennystocker out of Kim. We’re gonna strap a helmet on her and send her into the game. Hopefully, she won’t come out with serious trauma… 

The Game Plan

Tim has some sage advice for Kim before she begins pennystocking, including… 

Get Inspired

Finding and maintaining inspiration is hugely important for traders. Tim and Kim discuss how they both admire Jim Rogers (who’s also been a guest on SteadyTrade –– check out that episode here). 

For Kim, Rogers’ book “Investment Biker” was a huge inspiration early on. Now, she’s really excited to come full circle and dive into trading in a new way. 

Be a Trend Seeker

The stock market is all about patterns. Are you savvy enough to notice them? 

Often, the things that are in the zeitgeist or public consciousness can also be the biggest runners in the stock market … Are you savvy enough to keep it simple and notice these things? 

When Bitcoin was big news, it trended in the stock market. Same with weed and CBD. What people are talking about tends to be where the money flows! 

Kim's Pennystocking Journey Begins

Recognize Traders’ Shortcomings

Too many people start trading because they think it’s a way to get rich quick. So if you can have realistic expectations and a relationship with the stock market, you’re already ahead of the game. 

If you can study and not get caught up in common traps that hold traders back, you’ll be at the top of the class and well-positioned for a healthy trading career. Common sense? Yeah. But as Kim puts it, “common sense is not that common!”

You Can’t Control the Market

Tim talks about how if you try to make the market bend to your will, you’ll likely be disappointed. If you push too hard or try to force things, you’ll fail. But if you take a slow, steady approach, you’re more likely to stick with trading for the long run. 

Paper Trade First 

Just because you can trade right away doesn’t mean you should. Tim begs you and Kim not to trade real money at first. Virtual trading, or paper trading, is a much smarter stepping stone. We always recommend studying before actually pennystocking. 

Kim’s Homework

Kim’s got some work to do! Are you a new trader too? Consider following these first steps alongside her… 

Start with Season One of SteadyTrade

This was the foundation season and it can bring you up to speed on a ton of trading basics. Find all the episodes here

Get Set up with StocksToTrade

Kim’s gonna get going with the STT software per Tim’s recommendations so that she can have her toolbox ready. Listeners? Go ahead and try it out with a 14-day trial for just $7! See for yourself the incredible scanning capabilities — and more — this platform has to offer. 

Work the SteadyTrade Book Club List

Kim’s already a member of the club. Are you? Follow the action on social media with #steadytradebooks and read along with the SteadyTrade team! You can find the full list of books here.

Check Out StocksToTrade Pro

Wanna fast-forward your trading? Check out StocksToTrade Pro, where you’ll get a ton of extra goodies and mentorship to boot.  

Coaching others is definitely different than coaching oneself … Stay tuned to see what Kim discovers as she dives into pennystocking!  

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