Over 3,000 people entered the Season One give-a-way contest.  Today’s guest, Keith, was the lucky winner of one of our gag gifts — a massive box of Tic Tacs (seriously, that sucker is HUGE!)  Listen in as Tim and Stephen break the news.

The Steady Trade Podcast Season One Prize Winners: Keith

The Steady Trade Podcast began with a desire to help our listeners turn their dream of trading into a reality. We do this by offering easy-to-understand lessons and sharing resources designed to listeners develop the skills and knowledge base necessary to succeed as day traders. However, as the first season of the Steady Trade Podcast came to a close, certain listeners benefited from some more tangible rewards: by winning the incredible prizes offered in our Season One Mega-Giveaway Contest!

All in all, the giveaway included 11 different prize packages, starting with the biggest box of Tic-Tacs you’ve ever seen to what we lovingly called the  “Greedy Little Bastard” Package, an incredible prize featuring a 55-inch Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV, the Dell Inspiron Laptop, an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Bundle, Apple watch Series 2, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, and yes, a big box of Tic Tacs too, plus a 12-month subscription to Stocks to Trade Pro and a 12-month admission to Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge.

Steady Trade Podcast Prize Winner Profile: Keith

Keith is a brand new trader, with only a little over a month of experience at this point. After losing his job of 10 years in May, it seemed like the right time to try something new, and he became interested in trying his hand at trading. Keith decided to give it a go with some of his saved money.

After receiving an email recommending the Steady Trade Podcast, he checked it out and got hooked. Clearly, the show has resonated with him; as Tim and Stephen ask what he’s enjoyed about the show, he responds “Right now, everything”. As a brand new trader finding his way, in many ways he is the ideal listener for this podcast, as he is learning from the ground up!

Moreover, Keith really appreciated how the show takes a very realistic approach toward trading. There are no promises that you’re going to get rich overnight, and the show doesn’t paint trading in a “too good to be true” sort of light. The Steady Trade Podcast offers a realistic look at trading that is inclusive and optimistic but not pie in the sky. Keith really enjoyed the “steady” aspect of the Steady Trade Podcast, because ultimately, he’s not looking to get rich quick, but to create a sustainable source of income for years to come.

Keith’s next steps

Tim and Stephen were happy to learn that Keith really gets the idea of trading and is happy to build slowly. They are able to offer some helpful advice to keep him on track, as Keith is in the “trial and error” phase of trading and has already experienced a few setbacks. Offering personal advice and anecdotes, they offer Keith some specific pointers on proceeding and furthering his understanding of understanding stock charts.

Stephen urges Keith to stick with his commitment and to trade small as he learns (see how that young “green” trader host has become so much wiser after just one season of hosting the podcast?), and Tim offers specific advice on favored methods for monitoring charts and letting the trading journey unfold.

Keith wins big!

Keith receives a lot of winning advice in this episode, but he doesn’t just walk away with words. As Tim and Stephen are delighted to reveal, Keith has been selected as the winner of one of the most coveted giveaway items: the giant box of Tic-Tacs!

Not only will the Steady Trade Podcast help him become a great trader by helping him develop skills and techniques for trading, but it’s also giving him the great gift of fresh breath for…well, if not for life, then definitely the foreseeable future!

Coming soon: Season Two!

Sad that you didn’t win big this time? Don’t worry, there will be more chances. The Steady Trade Podcast will return for Season Two starting on November 6th, 2017. Not only will we release a new suite of episodes, but there will be an all-new giveaway to enter!

Tune in for Season Two of the Steady Trade Podcast, starting November 6th!