The Steady Trade Podcast was created as a resource for traders, with the aim of helping them learn how to become successful day traders. The podcast, which is hosted by traders Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson, features an extremely user-friendly format. The two traders, who are at different points in their careers, come together to offer lessons and impart information that can help new traders set up a strong foundation of knowledge. While all traders will win at life simply by listening to the podcast, as the first season of the Steady Trade Podcast same to a close, a few lucky winners won some real, live, hold-em-in-your-arms prizes as well.

With over 3,000 entries, there were a lot of traders who wanted to win big! The 11 different potential prize packages included items ranging from gag-like (the biggest box of Tic-Tacs you’ve ever seen) to what we lovingly called the  “Greedy Little Bastard” Package, an incredible prize featuring a 55-inch Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV, the Dell Inspiron Laptop, an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Bundle, Apple watch Series 2, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, and yes, a big box of Tic Tacs too, plus a 12-month subscription to Stocks to Trade Pro and a 12-month admission to Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge.

Steady Trade Podcast Prize Winner Profiles: Marissa and Nick

The couple that trades together, stays together–isn’t that what the parable says? Tim and Stephen are delighted to have their first phone call with a married couple who is trading as a team. As it turns out, they had no problem finding the Steady Trade Podcast right after it was released. After all, they are both part of the Millionaire Challenge and are both members of Stocks to Trade Pro, so the podcast was on their radar fairly quickly after it came out, and they wasted no time before they listened!

Both Marissa and Nick love how the podcast presents information a little differently; both consider it a great way to augment and inform their advancing trading journey. They love listening to the podcast at the gym while doing cardio, but have admittedly gotten some strange looks when they start laughing at Tim and Stephen’s banter while listening to their headphones on gym equipment!

Marissa and Nick’s next steps

Tim and Stephen are sick of each other, so they’d much rather hear about what’s going on with Marissa and Nick’s trading career. This is the third week of the married couple’s trading. While they have had ups and downs, they have so far been able to cut their losses quickly, so they are already learning a lot. They’re both excited to share that this week they have found themselves in the green!

Tim is amazed by this revelation, and congratulates them–after all, if you can consider yourself in the green at any point in your first three weeks of trading, you’ve got to be doing something right. This is absolutely something to be proud of, but he cautions that they shouldn’t become cocky: it is still early, and they don’t want to become complacent (a surefire road to ruin for traders).

Happily, Marissa and Nick are on the same page, and are focusing on refining their trading. They’ve been experimenting in holding back, because they see this as something for the long haul versus getting caught up in the heat of trading and making their investments too risky. They’ve also been reading The Psychology of Trading, which has proven an invaluable book to them.

Marissa and Nick win big!

Marissa and Nick just bought a new laptop, because their old one was running slowly and holding back their trading. However, two traders working from one laptop can be challenging at times. Tim and Stephen are happy to reveal that they have a solution to offer, because Marissa and Nick have won the Dell Inspiron Laptop from the giveaway! Now, one can trade while the other does research on their laptop(s). Their trading is about to go high tech!

Coming soon: Season Two!

Didn’t win the prize you were hoping for? Don’t worry, because there will be plenty more chances to win big, and soon. The Steady Trade Podcast will return for Season Two starting on November 6th, 2017. Not only will we release a new suite of episodes, but there will be an all-new giveaway to enter!

Tune in for Season Two of the Steady Trade Podcast, starting November 6th!