The Steady Trade Podcast Season Two Prize Winners! You know how movie sequels are always flashier than the original? Likewise, the Season Two Giveaway of the Steady Trade Podcast features a ton more bells and whistles and even more great prizes than the first season!

In the first season of the Steady Trade Podcast, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson focused on the basics of how to become a successful day trader. In Season Two, they built upon this foundation and offered a myriad of other trading resources, including a historical look at the earliest day traders and interviews with some of the hottest rising stars in the trading world today. No matter what the subject of the episode, you as the listener always learn something that will make you a better and more well-rounded trader. But as a more tangible reward, to close the second season, Tim and Stephen once again offered an incredible giveaway.

The prizes. This season, the prizes included:

A MacBook Pro + 3 months of stocks to trade
An Apple TV device + 3 months of stocks to trade
An iPod touch + 3 months of stocks to trade
An Apple Watch + 3 months of stocks to trade
A $100 gift card + 3 months of stocks to trade

A Stephen Johnson pillow case + 3 months of stocks to trade

…and then one incredibly lucky listener won the Grand Prize “Greedy Little Bastard Package”, which included:

A MacBook Pro
An Apple Watch S2
A Stephen Johnson pillow case
A Three Month subscription to Stocks to Trade Pro

The lucky winners. On Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017, the winners were contacted. Per the rule, the winner had to be present to collect the prizes in question. Here’s a roundup of the lucky winners, in order of contact:

1. Kerry: Already a Stocks to Trade Pro member, Kerry is just a part time trader who is figuring things out, but he’s loving the journey. Along with Tim and Stephen, he discusses the art of letting go of trades: what can happen when you get greedy, and the potential pitfalls of holding on to a position for too long. Kerry’s going to up the ante on his trading with his prize suite: he won the MacBook pro and will receive a 3 month extension on his Stocks to Trade membership!

2. Bryan: Based in BC, Bryan began to dabble with stocks while working at a welder. As you’ll learn from his story, he’s the epitome of “keeping it steady”; with time and effort, he’s now become a full time trader. Find out the unexpected way that cannabis stocks have boosted his bottom line! Bryan’s going to be styling with his excellent prizes: an Apple TV device and a 3 month membership to Stocks to Trade.

3. Nathan: Looking for a better quality of life,Nathan began to take up day trading. He’s inspired by the fact that it can allow him to live the lifestyle he wants and make money, and has loved the podcast–particularly Tim and Stephen’s witty banter. Along with the hosts, he discusses risk management and focusing on “green” trades. He’ll have the time of his life (get it?) with his prizes: an Apple watch and a 3 month membership to Stocks to Trade.

4. Fidel: “Do you feel lucky?” starts Stephen when Fidel answers the call. Yes! A new trader, Fidel considers himself in the “learning” phase of his career, and Tim and Stephen discuss why watchful waiting is important for new traders. Fidel learned about the Steady Trade Podcast via Tim Sykes, and has enjoyed Stephen’s videos detailing his trials and errors (lots of errors) as a trader. He’ll be able to listen to the podcast on the go with his brand new iPod Touch, and will also enjoy a 3 month membership to Stocks to Trade.

5. Patrick: This dude is pretty excited to hear from Tim and Stephen: “This is like a dream come true, I can’t believe I’m talking to you right now!” is how he begins the conversation (related: they both like him instantly). Patrick started with a $500 account, which he quickly blew by getting into the market too fast and too aggressively. Having had that experience, he’s ready to back up and actually learn the art of trading along with the Steady Trade Podcast. He can recoup some of his losses with his first prize, a $100 gift card; the second prize, a 3 month membership to Stocks to Trade, will help him find his way as a trader.

6. Tanner: Having only recently joined the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge, Tanner is a new trader and eager to learn. While he’s a little down in his accounts at the moment, he’s studying every day and absorbing the lessons from podcasts and videos and DVDs on a daily basis. He’s resolved to make a trading career work, and is lucky in that he has a great support system. Tim and stephen offer some uplifting words and anecdotal stories about how long it took them to be in the green. Then they offer something he can really hold on to: a Stephen Johnson pillow case, the ultimate good luck charm! Tanner can’t wait to cuddle and talk about stocks with pillow-Stephen. Oh, and he also won a 3 month membership to Stocks to Trade!

7. Vernon: Trading isn’t always easy. As Vernon’s tale unfolds, many traders will relate to his story. He often finds himself baffled by the market, and struggles with consistency as a trader. This starts an eye-opening conversation with Tim and Stephen about finding your way as a trader, and how to move forward in the best way possible for future success. His prize, a Stephen Johnson pillow case, will undoubtedly help him on his journey; so will a 3 month membership to Stocks to Trade.

8. Romina: She owes it all to Stephen! Romina credits Stephen as a big source of motivation for her trading. Inspired by his honest, humorous approach, when she saw his videos, she thought “If he can do it I can do it!”. Since July, she’s gotten serious about trading. She’s been studying religiously and is looking forward to investing in the tools that she needs to take her career to the next step. Well, it won’t be as much of an investment as she thought, because happily, she’s this season’s “Greedy Little Bastard” winner! Romina will win the ultimate prize package, including a MacBook Pro, an Apple Watch S2, a Stephen Johnson pillow case, and a Three Month subscription to Stocks to Trade Pro.

Congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of the Steady Trade Podcast, which is graduating from seasons to serial episodes! Starting soon, the podcast will be released weekly, with more great features to come!

What was your favorite part of Season Two?