Interview with Super Trader Steven Dux

One of the biggest goals of the Steady Trade Podcast is to help you realize your trading goals. We want take you from wherever you currently are in trading, whether you’re a newbie or an investor who wants to change to the day trading track, to where it is you want to ultimately go in your career. As part of this mission, we occasionally bring in guests who have found success in trading to help inspire you to pursue your own goals.

As success stories go, it doesn’t get much more inspiring than Super Trader Steven Dux . Still in his early twenties, Super Trader Steven Dux has already earned $1.3 million trading penny stocks in less than two years. In this episode of the podcast, hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson interview this trading phenom about his meteoric rise in the penny stock world, how he did it, what he still needs to learn, and what keeps him going.

A disclaimer

Remember: this is the Steady Trade Podcast for a reason. We try to focus on ways to find consistent, steady success in trading. As such, it’s important to realize that every journey is different. When listening to interviews like this, do be inspired, but try not to compare yourself to the trader in question. There are all sorts of variables involved in every trader’s process and success, and you need to keep your own expectations realistic.

Stephen Dux’s path: humble beginnings

Stephen Dux began his trading path began in early 2016, when he started out trading ETFs with a friend. After a few small wins, he decided that he could make some serious money if he got his act together. After going down the Google wormhole, he came across Tim Sykes on social media. He was initially skeptical that Tim’s offerings were a scheme, but after buying a DVD and checking things out, he became convinced that trading penny stocks was worth a try. He was intrigued by the volatility and action of trading penny stocks. The fact that you can make a lot of money in a little amount of time didn’t hurt, either.

Figuring it out

Stephen Dux loves strategy games, and he began to look at trading penny stocks from a game player point of view. The psychology if the stock market is similar in many ways to strategy, and it “clicked” pretty fast for him. Early on, as he puts it, “I got lucky”. In spite of poor risk management, he began to make gains pretty quickly; his first big profit was an incredible $12,000. Yeah, hosts Tim and Stephen (Johnson) are willing to admit that they’re a little jealous of that one.

Shaping a strategy

Not to make you feel like a slacker or anything, but in addition to being a superstar trader, Stephen Dux is also a student. While studying engineering and accounting doesn’t necessarily inform his trades directly, he has been able to apply some of the principles of his education to trading. In particular, one of the key aspects of his approach to trading is looking at it from a strategic standpoint. In the podcast, he talks about how he tracks different sectors and catalysts to decide how and when to trade. As Stephen Dux acknowledges, he’s not the best at managing risk, so having a strategy is very important for him, and has been a key factor in his success.

The king of the spreadsheet

Another big factor in Stephen Dux’s success is his incredible spreadsheet system. Among certain circles, Dux is known as the “king of the spreadsheet”. He maintains thousands of spreadsheets which help him track patterns, which allows him to plot strategies and execute trades. As the interview unfolds, you’ll begin to realize how intentional his methods are, and how his success is very much due to careful monitoring and planning versus some random fluke trades.

Moving forward

After spending time talking about how Super Trader Stephen Dux has attained and is maintaining his trading success, the conversation shifts to future plans. And Stephen has some incredible things in the pipeline.

For instance, those spreadsheets? Stephen would rather not deal with those thousands of spreadsheets forever, and so he’s working on engineering an AI system that can pore through his research and execute trades for him. Host Stephen Johnson may not be able to help with the algorithm for such a program, but he’s quick to create a name for it: the Duxinator.

Stephen Dux has also been working on developing DVDs of his own to educate and inspire new traders. In the podcast, Dux and hosts Tim and Stephen discuss what viewers can hope to learn from the lessons.

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