In an otherwise quiet OTC market, Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI) sure spiced things up. Well, momentarily anyway… 


CEI’s run offered plenty of opportunity for traders, but did it meet expectations?


Tune in for a full breakdown of this stock pump with hosts Mari, Jack, and Kyle. 


Quick peek: With CEI, the action seemed to be a battle between traders and investors. Many traders believed in the company and held instead of trading the price action. 


And a lot of traders got crushed. This stock is a solid reminder of how you must always approach sketchy stocks. Our hosts have plenty to say about it. Don’t miss it!

Now that CEI’s spike is over and market momentum has hit a lull, what are our TWIST hosts up to? Looking for other plays, of course! 


Tune in for Jack and Mari’s trade details on Bri-Chem Corp (OTCPK: BRYFF). And find out how this sub-penny stock oddly relates to CEI. 


Kyle honed in on Infrax Systems Inc. (OTCPK: IFXY). See how his trade went on this beautiful breakout that closed at highs. And learn why Jack thinks Columbus Day played a role. 


Watch the full episode for essential tips on forcing a hot market and what not to do. Patience is key! Find out what top traders do while waiting for the market to bounce back.


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