In today’s episode, you’ll see a very different side of Stephen as he goes through a session with Kim Ann Curtin, aka The Wall Street Coach. Listen in as they delve into his complicated feelings about trading … and as Stephen experiences a huge emotional breakthrough! 

What lies beneath Stephen Johnson’s jovial facade? 

On the surface, the SteadyTrade co-host seems care-free. While his amiable nature and lightheartedness are authentic, there’s a whole lot more going on below the surface. 

Kim Ann Curtin: The Wall Street Coach

Kim Ann Curtin is a trading coach and the founder of The Wall Street Coach. Tim and Stephen interviewed her in Episode 100 about digging beneath the surface to uncover what’s behind trading psychology. 

Following the success of that episode, she’s now conducting a one-on-one session with Stephen to dive deep into his recent trading woes. Will our lovable Stephen have a transformative experience? 

Stephen’s Journey to Trading 

About five years ago, Stephen went through a quarter-life crisis of sorts. He was experiencing massive anxiety and a sense of ennui … He felt like he didn’t know who he knew who he was or where he was going in life. He felt like he’d lost his identity. In his words, it was “terrifying.” 

He took proactive steps to focus on his goals and pursue therapy … but something really seemed to bring him out of his rut: trading.

That’s around the time Stephen also discovered the Tim Sykes Trading Challenge. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he decided to give it a try — and document his journey on YouTube. 

Stephen figured if Sykes was a scammer, he’d reveal the truth. And if the program was legit, maybe he could learn to trade and earn some money. Either way, broadcasting the experience online could help others. 

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Trading 

When Stephen started trading, he initially lost money, but reports turning things around and starting to turn a profit. He documented everything on YouTube and began to form a community. It gave him a sense of purpose, and he felt a vitality he hadn’t felt in a while. 

He felt as if he’d found his identity again. 

But then, something changed. About a year ago, he began taking losses … and couldn’t seem to turn things around. 

So what happened? 

Stephen notes that as his trading progressed, the wins didn’t seem to affect him as much … but the losses became harder and harder to absorb. He began to feel depressed: “All I’m doing is sitting in a room alone, watching money go up and down.”

The truth? Stephen’s starting to feel bored, and his needs still aren’t being met. So what does that mean for him as a trader? 

Stephen’s Work

In the episode, Kim asks Stephen some hard questions. First and foremost: If making money isn’t making him happier, why does Stephen continue to sit in that lonely room and trade? 

As Stephen puts it, he doesn’t like to quit on promises or commitments. He doesn’t want to throw away the podcast and his YouTube channel just because he’s not as enthusiastic as he was.

But will that passion ever come back? And what does this all mean for his future as a trader?

What Are You Afraid Of? 

Traders will want to listen carefully to the podcast as Stephen explores the complex emotions that come with second-guessing yourself as a trader. 

While every trader’s journey is different, most traders will experience doubt and the desire to quit at points. In this episode, you’ll gain some valuable insight as to how you can observe and anticipate what you need to keep going. 

As Kim puts it, “If we’re creating meaning, why don’t we create meaning that makes us feel good— that makes us feel alive?”

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