Ep 108: Tim Bohen Gets COACHED!

A couple of weeks ago, host Stephen Johnson had an on-air session with Kim Ann Curtin, aka The Wall Street Coach. Now, it’s Tim Bohen’s turn. What secrets from deep in his psyche will Tim reveal during his session? 

In this episode, as Kim coaches Tim, they really get into the nitty-gritty about what could be holding him back in his life and career. This session is super relatable to traders of all levels and experience … you might just learn something that can help you take charge of your career! 

What Holds the Mighty Tim Bohen Back? 

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to see Tim Bohen as having the perfect life. He’s the lead trader at StocksToTrade, he co-hosts the fabulous SteadyTrade Podcast — he has a lot going for him. 

But as you’ll learn in the podcast, even the mighty have their own demons and issues to work through. 

Reliable to Others … To Himself, Not so Much

If Tim has a problem, it’s this: He’s too reliable.

Before you laugh, hear this out. Tim prides himself on being as reliable as possible for others. Here’s the problem: He’s not always capable of allowing himself the same courtesy. 

Here’s an example: He’s wanted to write a book for the past 10 years but has never been able to make time for himself to really write it. Yet in that time, he’s been there for so many others. He’s done 1,500 webinars and met and exceeded the expectations of others. He feels accountability for others that he can’t seem to enforce for himself. 

Getting to the Root of It

In the session, Kim leads Tim through a visualization exercise to get to the root of the issues that may be holding him back. Make time to follow along and try the visualization for yourself — you may be surprised by the results! 

The Trouble with Helping Others First 

Kim makes an important note about helping others: There’s a reason you put your own oxygen mask first in the event of a plane emergency. If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t hope to be able to help others. 

The trouble with helping others first is the high price you pay at not having your own needs met. In other words, you sacrifice yourself and your needs. 

So in that, it’s not at all selfish to put yourself first when things really matter. In fact, it just might save your life (or at least your trading career). 

Combatting Feelings of Selfishness 

Yep, Tim feels selfish when he puts his own needs first. This dates back to when he was 22 years old, and he and a partner started a business. 

At the time, they were only taking $100 checks for themselves. He felt couldn’t afford to say no, but unfortunately, this became ingrained. Now he’s still in that mode. 

At a certain point, he had to prioritize others over himself for survival. It was necessary. So how can he change that pattern? He needs to give himself empathy for not prioritizing himself … and make some changes! 

Tim’s Homework

In the episode, Kim and Tim plot out a plan of attack for him to address this issue that may be holding him back in his career, including:

  • Finding the value in saying no. Sometimes, no can really be the kindest answer for both you and the other party involved.
  • Pausing before saying yes. If you’re a yes person, what would happen if you took five before agreeing to another responsibility? 
  • Being aware. How does it make you feel when you get caught in this cycle?
  • Being accountable. Can you be as accountable to yourself as you are to others? 

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