Episode 46: Tim Grittani, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, Episode 44 featured an interview with a man who is arguably the most successful low priced stock trader in the world: Tim Grittani. Steady Trade host Tim Bohen is even willing to state that he’s “the most successful penny stock trader ever”.  

In the first part of the interview, Tim Grittani shares his story, including how he started with a $1500 account in 2011 and has since grown it to $6.1 million and counting. He also discusses his evolution as a trader and several of his top tips for traders new and old who want to remain relevant and create a sustainable career.

Now, in Part 2 of the interview, Tim Grittani discusses his trading philosophies, how he finds work-life balance and some of his hopes for the future.

Note: This is part two of a two-part interview. Click here to find Part 1.

From 3k to 100k.

When a trader suddenly goes from an account worth thousands to hundreds of thousands, as Tim Grittani did, how do they deal with the transition? Stephen is very curious: how did Tim size up from the small trades to big trades?

As Tim Bohen muses in considering Tim Grittani’s growth, it’s really an evolution. Once you get to the point where you’re trading size, you need to start looking to scale into trades. It’s an evolution. Basically, if you have an account worth $1000 or $2000, you’ll approach your trades in a certain way. Once you begin to gain consistency, you’ll scale into larger trades. Tim offers tips for this progression, explaining how you can “buy into a winner”.

“You can’t force success.”

As the interview goes on, Tim Grittani and Tim Bohen discuss a very important subject: how to retain your own identity and individual thoughts as a trader.

After all, Twitter is great, and chat rooms are great; they can bring your attention to tickers and give you trade ideas. But good alerts are not a predictor of success. Ultimately there is no secret to success. It must be your trade, backed up by your research. As Tim Bohen says, “Unless it’s your idea, unless it’s your own trade, avoid, avoid, avoid.”

Would he do it all the same way?

If Tim Grittani were just starting as a trader right now, would he do things the same way? Heck no! While it may surprise you to hear this, he absolutely would not follow the same trajectory he followed to gain the success he currently has. Why? Because the market is ever changing and because it wouldn’t work the same way now. He would trade in ways that make sense in the current market. In the interview, you’ll learn why meeting the market where it is now is the best approach. As Tim Grittani wisely shares, “You’re always adapting, you’re always learning, and you can’t get comfortable.”

How to stay sharp as a trader

Trader burnout is a very real thing, and both Tims are very aware of this. As such, it’s important to find life balance.

For Tim Grittani, it’s not all about trading. He also indulges in other interests like coding, renewable energy, and physics. Engaging in other activities keep him fresh and interested and engaged in the world. He recognizes that time away from trading actually makes him a better trader; in the interview, you’ll learn some invaluable tips about why sometimes, stepping away from the computer is a great career move!

Advice to his past self

If Tim Grittani could go back in time, what would he tell his younger-trader self? As the interview comes to a close, you’ll learn what advice he would impart. Ultimately, you’ll end up inspired about your own future as a trader as you listen to Tim Grittani’s wisdom: while he’s undoubtedly well-learned, he remains refreshingly and impressively humble in spite of all that he has achieved.

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