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Today’s episode features the return of two of SteadyTrade’s favorite traders: Roland Wolf and Mike Huddie.

Both traders have been featured on the show separately, and they remain some of our most popular episodes.

Now, these twin quasars of trading genius have joined forces, and are working on educational content designed to help new traders flourish.

In the episode, both traders speak with host Tim Bohen about finding trading success while maintaining a work-life balance, their new video, what’s exciting them in the trading world right now, and what strategies are working for them these days.

But First, This Week in SteadyTrade

Before kicking off the episode, Tim Bohen offers up some invaluable tips on an important topic: identifying hot sectors.

You’ll learn how he found success as a part-time trader by trading on trends, and how you can take advantage of this technique, too!

Kicking It With Roland Wolf and Mike Huddie

In today’s episode, Tim talks all things trading with Roland and Huddie.

Both successful traders in their own right, when they connected at Tim Sykes’ Orlando trading conference, creative magic happened.

While they both have very different styles of trading, they quickly realized that they could learn a lot from each other, and began collaborating on educational projects.

One of the most exciting collaborations? An upcoming tour of trading Boot Camps, where both traders will conduct group trading lessons in a variety of cities.  

Live Trading Boot Camp with Roland Wolf and Mike Huddie

Trading can be a solitary profession, and it can be hard to stay motivated.

Finding partnerships, accountability partners, and peers can have a huge amount of value for traders. It can help them stay inspired in addition to teaching them new tricks and techniques.

Live trading, in particular, can be a great way to learn by doing, because it helps make certain concepts click in a way that would take far longer than reading lessons in a book or watching a video.

Trading Tips from Roland Wolf and Mike Huddie

In the episode, you’ll also gain some great insight from these master traders, including …

Work-life balance: All work and no play makes traders a dull bunch.

In the episode, they discuss some of their tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, including the benefits of waking up early (especially if you’re on the West coast), and how to remain sane in the sometimes stressful world of day trading.

They both talk about their journey to going full time in trading, and the need for work-life balance that comes with that.  

They also offer tips for the part-time trader, including maintaining your cool in the face of PDT and how to maintain a regular schedule.

Being adaptable as a trader: Both Roland and Huddie talk about what is working for them as traders, and also some of the techniques that they’ve had to put to rest.

Both traders have experienced some ups and downs in recent months and years, and part of what motivated them to create their Boot Camp series was the idea that even seasoned traders need to go back to basics every now and again.

For example, you’ll learn how Huddie struggled with thinking he was “king of the hill” as a trader and how this complacency landed him in some hot water — but how he’s emerged from it and learned from the experience.

Patience is a virtue: FOMO is common in trading and can pose a very real problem for traders, making them go for trades that result in losses.

Both traders offer tips for how to remain patient and wait for the perfect setup. How can you begin to maximize profits and ditch the “nail and bail” mentality?

For instance, how about working with reverse splits? You’ll learn about some of the ways to take advantage of this phenomenon, as a lot of recent supernovas (a common chart pattern) have directly followed reverse splits.  

What’s working now: Both Roland and Huddie dish on what methods are working for them now, including their sweetheart setups and working with short selling reverse splits.

Follow their trades on Profit.ly!

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