It’s been a minute since SteadyTrade’s last Listener Mailbag episode … The team’s finally catching up on your correspondence.

In today’s episode, co-hosts Tim Bohen, Kim Ann Curtin, and Stephen Johnson answer your questions. You’ll learn about market makers and what they can and can’t do. Plus, they tackle how to trade first green day OTCs. And they cover what constitutes low float and why it matters … And there’s so much more.

Listen to find out if your question was chosen as an on-air topic! Plus, find out the true story behind SteadyTrade conspiracy theories — are Tim and Kim actually in the same room?

Here are some of the topics in this episode…

What’s Low Float?

Sorry, but there isn’t an official number that makes a stock low float. Tim notes that many traders consider a low float stock to have 10 million or fewer shares. However, that’s circumstantial — it depends on things like the size of the company.  

Learn more about float and what it can tell you — check out Episode 136: Float and Volume

Market Maker Manipulation

A listener wants to know … If market makers can manipulate low-priced stocks, what else can they do? 

There’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what market makers can and can’t do. Tim and Stephen set the record straight.

For example, can they manipulate higher-priced stocks? Can they release fake news? Can they help a stock break support and resistance?

Learn what goes on in the world of market makers, and why it’s so pronounced in the world of OTCs. 

Trading First Green Day Stocks

It’s so much easier to find a first green day stock in retrospect … but that kind of destroys the point.

Feel like you’re always late to the party? Curious about how traders are finding these green days? 

The crew talks about trading this strategy, and how it’s not always as easy as it seems. They also talk about traders who slay with this strategy — Roland Wolf, for instance.

Of course, even if you decide this style of trading isn’t for you, there are other options. Tim talks about how if you miss it in the morning, you’ve got a chance in the afternoon. As he puts it, “the party’s still going.” 

Why Am I Losing?

If you’re losing … you gotta find out why. Is it because you’re a bad trader, or are you just out of sync with yourself?

Kim suggests asking yourself, “What are the common denominators when you’re losing?” This can help you identify if it has something to do with your stock choices, the time of day, or even your mental state when trading…

What Data Should I Be Recording?

The SteadyTrade hosts CONSTANTLY discuss the importance of tracking your data. But what exactly should you track?

The crew has a huge variety of resources for traders who are figuring it out. Tim highly suggests checking out Season 1 of the SteadyTrade podcast, where he and Stephen go through a ton of trading basics. 

Also, don’t miss Kim and Stephen’s series on vital day trading variables: 

Will You Bring Book Club Back?

Rut roh … The crew’s gotten behind with #SteadyTradeBooks! 

Rest assured, there will be more reading in the future. Meantime, check out previous book club episodes here, here, and here … and find the full lineup of books the crew read in this episode.

To close out the episode, the crew all asks each other questions … Learn about how they’re faring during the pandemic, how Stephen’s social life is going, and what’s coming up in the near future.

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