It’s that time of year again … The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to review 2020’s craziness and make some 2021 market predictions. Well, some educated guesses, anyway.

After 2020, it seems like anything is possible in the markets…

Join our hosts Tim Bohen, Kim Ann Curtin, and Stephen Johnson as they recap the hot sectors that drove the outrageous 2020 market and share personal goals for 2021. Plus, they’ll dig into what they think the market will look like in 2021. 

Make sure to check out last year’s episode. Hear how Tim and Stephen nailed some of their 2020 market predictions — despite a global pandemic nobody could’ve anticipated… 

2020 Wasn’t All Bad

Before we get into 2021 market predictions, let’s do a 2020 recap.

We all know the pandemic rocked the world and had dire consequences for people and businesses … But it wasn’t all bad news for our hosts…

Kim’s business had its best year yet. She thinks the pandemic made more people reach out for support.

Tim had one of his busiest years ever — thanks to new traders and market volatility. He’s grateful for the opportunity to help so many traders through his webinars and live videos. 

Stephens’s silver lining of 2020 was seeing the resilience and kindness in the human spirit. He also had his best year of trading ever — turning $600 into roughly $60,000.* Go, Stephen! 

Things finally clicked for him when he started tracking data and patterns. But he admits that new money coming into the market, working from home, and all the hot sectors helped…

2020 Market Recap: Hot Sectors 

Could 2020 action influence our hosts’ 2021 market predictions? Let’s look at what might spill over into the coming year…

The 2020 market moved from hot sector to hot sector … It started with low floats running at the beginning of the year. Then when the pandemic hit the market in March it was all about the virus plays — mask, sanitizer, and stay-at-home stocks… 

As virus cases and fears spread, we saw vaccine, treatment, and ventilator news start to move stocks. Then EV stocks got hot, along with crypto plays…   

Nobody could’ve predicted the market would rally back so fast from its March lows. But 2020 hindsight is 20/0, right?

People were at home with stimulus checks in hand, unsure about their income, jobs, and the economy. It makes sense that many looked for alternatives for income and some kind of control over their finances.

Looking Forward to 2021

As our hosts look forward to 2021, they discuss their personal goals…

Kim hopes to be able to look at the market and understand it without anyone explaining it.

Stephen wants to pass $100K in trading profits and eventually be on stage at the next Trader & Investor Summit. But he says he’ll put most of his energy this year into smashing Tim in the rowing competition … Look out, Tim! 

Tim got a lot of satisfaction from releasing his e-book earlier this year. He hopes to be able to put out something similar on a quarterly basis. No matter how busy he is, helping others is his passion.

2021 Market Predictions 

The big question for 2021 is will the market keep going up or is it doomed to crash? 

Kim thought it would crash six months ago, but now she’s not so sure. She thinks big pharma and EVs will be the big winners in 2021. 

Tim and Stephen share their 2021 market predictions … Do they think the market will continue to new highs? Or are we due for a correction?  

Tune in to find out what they think the 2021 market will bring for EVs, gaming stocks, bitcoin, and what it will take to slow this insane market down.  

Will all the talk of legalization bring back another weed stock run? Tim doesn’t think so… 

But all our hosts give their thumbs up to a trippy alternative that could be a game-changer for treating anxiety and depression. Although no one’s quite sure which sector that falls under…

Closing Thoughts

Whether you struggled this year or had the best year of your career — don’t be discouraged by the learning process, get physical, eat right, and get a tribe behind you. 

Connect to other traders on your level who will encourage you but also hold you accountable.  

What Are Your 2021 Market Predictions?

Do you have a market prediction for 2021? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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