It’s 2020! The booming markets have made for plenty of trading excitement so far this year … but can it really last?

Leave it to the SteadyTrade crew to get to the bottom of it. 

This week, the band’s back together! For the first time in a few weeks, all three hosts — Tim Bohen, Stephen Johnson, and Kim Ann Curtin — are all on board for the episode. They’re talking 2020 goals and predictions and offering their thoughts on the year ahead.

What does the team hope to achieve in the new year? 

Spoiler: it’s not all about healthy eating or piling on the Peloton miles. Listen in to hear about their goals and predictions for 2020…

Stephen’s Update 

When Stephen looks back at last year, he was profitable … and that gave him confidence. It also led to an important revelation… 

So much of trading success is based on self-confidence and believing in yourself. 

Yep: your mindset can seriously affect your success rate. And it works in both directions. So it’s well worth cultivating a positive state of mind before you trade.

This year, Stephen’s goals aren’t monetary — they’re all about trading psychology. 

In the episode, learn why his rule in 2020 is “to build discipline and to practice discipline … not to make profits.” OMG … Is Stephen growing up? 

Kim’s Update 

Kim’s best known as “The Wall Street Coach.” Tim and Stephen joke that she’s now embracing “the dregs of Wall Street” by learning about penny stock trading. 

They’re joking, of course. Even though low-priced stocks are often offered by shady companies, it requires precision and smart techniques to make intelligent trading decisions. It’s crucial to take the time to learn the rules before you trade. 

Kim’s excited about a ton of things in the upcoming year … starting with the next installment of the SteadyTrade Book Club. (Stay up to date or chime in on social media with #steadytradebooks). Next on the reading list is “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas. It’s one of Kim’s personal favorite. 

Why this book is great … even for non-traders? You could essentially remove the word “trading” and replace it with “life.” 

Kim’s done a lot of personal work over the years … will this read help her as a trader? Tim and Stephen will help teach her trading mechanics. But in terms of the right mindset, she’s got a respectable head start. 

She hasn’t made a trade yet … Tune in to find out what she thinks is a reasonable timeline — and why Stephen says it’s RIDICULOUS! 

What do you think? Is Kim’s proposed timeline and study regime over the top or just right?

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Tim’s Update 

As of this recording, Tim notes that the market is hitting great new highs. He’s also curious: where will things stand by the end of the year? Will the market soar higher, drop way low, or flatten out? 

Our hosts talk through their thoughts on the year ahead … including predictions for hot sectors, the overall market, and trends

Is a market crash or correction on the horizon? Will there a big run in 2020? What’s gonna happen with Tesla? And what does Stephen think will be bigger than weed stocks this year?

Don’t miss this conversation about the massive trends coming, why “hope springs eternal” with penny stocks … and how patterns can repeat in predictable ways.  

What Do You Think of These Goals? 

What do you think of our hosts’ 2020 predictions and goals? Do you agree or disagree? What would you add? We love hearing from you! 

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