The $GME battle between retail traders and hedge funds could mean a big power shift for Wall Street. 

Today hosts Tim Bohen, Kim Ann Curtin, and Stephen Johnson break down what could be the craziest day in market history. 

Tim says since the first episode with former market maker J.J, it seems like the ‘matrix’ has blown wide open. People now see the corruption in the markets and it could mean a distinct power shift.

Retail Traders Unite!

WallStreetBets united traders in a common goal. To rise up collectively and say, as Stephen puts it, “F*** the system.”

Stephen says hedge funds have manipulated and controlled things for so many years. He loves to see retail traders come together to overturn hedge funds “and make them blow up.” In his opinion, it’s a wonderful time to be a trader.

Tim says the WallStreetBets traders have taken one of his favorite strategies and dumped gasoline on the fire … But on a much larger scale and with massive amounts of volume.  

The influx of new traders into the market has undeniably increased the volume and volatility… 

How’s Stephen trading through the madness? Tune in to hear how he’s still finding shorting opportunities, even when it seems like stocks only go up. 

Tim says the volatility is great when a trade works, but it’s dangerous when it goes against you. He warns traders it’s more important than ever to have a stop and stick to it. 

Can Retail Traders Really Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game?

Tim’s passionate about trading and the markets so he’s happy to see it becoming so popular. 

Kim says capitalism isn’t the problem — it’s the corruption and manipulation in the system that’s the problem. People are starting to realize that…

Now, retail traders are using Wall Street’s own game against them. 

Tim says it’s not the retail traders shorting these stocks down to the ground … It’s the fat cats who have done it for decades. Now that the little guys figured it out and found an edge — they’re smokin’ the pros. And Wall Street is losing its mind. 

But Stephen notes there are smart traders and inexperienced retail traders. And it’s the inexperienced traders who chase entries and will lose in the long run. 

It takes years to gain experience. He says to put in the work now for the future. And never play stocks like $GME unless you have the discipline. 

Stephen thinks the stock market is the ultimate way to beat the system… 

It’s an unconventional way to potentially make a good living — if you study your butt off.  

Kim says day traders are the ultimate entrepreneurs. You have to be responsible for yourself and keep yourself motivated and accountable. You need a passion for the markets and an obsession with learning. 

And if you don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset, trading might not be for you. 

In the end, you get out what you put in. 

Retail Traders vs. Hedge Funds

Stephen wants to know why hedge funds get bailed out … Nobody bails out retail traders when they blow up. 

What will the SEC do about this epic market battle? And when will this crazy market slow down? Tune in to hear where our hosts think it will go from here. 

These days, it seems like everyone’s a day trader. Tons of young traders are buying stocks from their phones — it’s like a game to many of them. 

Our hosts stress the importance of setting stops and cutting losses. 

Tim says the good thing about the WallStreetBets traders is that they know $GME is a doomed company. They’re playing the short squeeze. But there are some who are just following the crowd. And that’s when it’s dangerous to trade without a plan.   

Kim says in the end, everyone’s just trying to improve their financial situation. They want to improve their lives for themselves and their family. You can’t blame them for trying. 

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