Over 3,000 people entered the Season One give-a-way contest.  Today’s guest, Ryan, was the lucky winner of an Apple Watch.  Listen in as Tim and Stephen break the news.

The Steady Trade Podcast began with a simple goal: to help the aspiring trader progress from initial curiosity to an actual, successful, and sustainable trading career. Hosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson attain this goal by offering user-friendly lessons, anecdotal stories, and sharing resources which are meant to help listeners develop the skills and knowledge base which is so vital to success as a day trader. Every aspiring trader can benefit from the wisdom of each episode; however, as the first season of the Steady Trade Podcast closed, a few lucky listeners received some far more tactile rewards by winning the incredible prizes offered in our Season One Mega-Giveaway Contest!

The Season One Mega-Giveaway Contest was composed of 11 different prize packages in total, ranging from the biggest box of Tic-Tacs you’ve ever seen to what we lovingly called the  “Greedy Little Bastard” Package, an incredible assemblage of prizes featuring a 55-inch Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV, the Dell Inspiron Laptop, an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Bundle, Apple watch Series 2, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, and yes, a big box of Tic Tacs too, plus a 12-month subscription to Stocks to Trade Pro and a 12-month admission to Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge.

Steady Trade Podcast Prize Winner Profile: Ryan

In this mini-sode, Tim and Stephen talk with Ryan, who is ramping up his trading along with the Steady Trade Podcast. Ryan was chosen at random from over 3,000 entries to the contest as a winner! But before they reveal to Ryan what he has won, Tim and Stephen want to pick his brain a little bit.

Ryan found out about the Steady Trade Podcast via the StocksToTrade email list, and has been enjoying the episode by episode progression of the show. While Ryan has learned a lot from each episode, one of his favorite things about the show is actually the delivery. He loves the juxtaposition of humor and comedy along with the serious information offered in each episode. Turns out, a spoonful of sugar (and by that we mean Tim and Stephen’s impossibly witty banter) does help the medicine go down!

Ryan’s next steps

In discussing how Ryan can progress as a trader, he brings up the subject of a trading plan with Tim and Stephen. The mini-sode offers an unexpected reveal as Glen, who has been behind the scenes all along, jumps in to read aloud a question that Ryan posted on the Steady Trade Podcast website. As Glen disappears again behind his Wizard of Oz-like curtain, the conversation turns to the importance of making a trading plan, and some ways to streamline the process.

In following the teachings of the Steady Trade Podcast , Ryan has determined that a trading plan really boils down to taking calculated risks. In essence, to make a risk calculated, one must enter the trade with a thesis, the ability to evaluate risk prior to making the trade, and having a target goal so that you can know when to pull out and take profits if things aren’t working out as planned.

Impressed with Ryan’s prowess, Tim and Stephen discuss further refinements to trading plans, including being intuitive within your plan, but then using a chart to back it up with some scientific research. They offer advice on how to balance your gut instinct with hard facts to make the best trades possible. Ultimately, a combination of intuition and facts can help you evaluate if the risk is worth it, how to adjust your position size, and how to make a plan that seems realistic.

Ryan wins big!

Ryan undoubtedly leaves the episodes with plenty of informational gems and guidance. However, he also wins something far more tangible! As Tim and Stephen finally reveal, Ryan has been selected as the winner of the Apple watch series 2. Ryan is pretty pumped for this prize, which will certainly round out his veritable Apple grove of technology, which already includes a Mac desktop, laptop, and iPhone.

Coming soon: Season Two!

Feeling woeful that you didn’t win one of the fantastic prizes? Don’t worry: there are going to be many more chances to win. We’ll Have many more  steady trade contest winners the Steady Trade Podcast will return for Season Two starting on November 6th, 2017. Not only will we release a new suite of episodes, but there will be an all-new giveaway to enter!

Tune in for Season Two of the Steady Trade Podcast, starting November 6th!