The Steady Trade Podcast: Craig started with a simple goal: to help our listeners progress from curiosity about day trading to making it an actual, and profitable reality. We strive to attain this goal by offering easy to follow lessons and straightforward information designed to help listeners cultivate the skills and knowledge base that is necessary to succeed in a day trading career. Everyone wins by gaining knowledge from the podcast. But as the first season of the Steady Trade Podcast came to a close, a few lucky winners won in a much more tangible way as we chose the winners of our Season One Mega-Giveaway Contest!

This incredible giveaway included 11 different prize packages, ranging from the biggest box of Tic-Tacs you’ve ever seen to what we lovingly called the  “Greedy Little Bastard” Package, an incredible prize featuring a 55-inch Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV, the Dell Inspiron Laptop, an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Bundle, Apple watch Series 2, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, and yes, a big box of Tic Tacs too, plus a 12-month subscription to Stocks to Trade Pro and a 12-month admission to Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge.

Steady Trade Podcast Prize Winner Profile: Craig

When Tim and Stephen call Craig, he identifies that he’s speaking to them from the South Pacific, making it one of the most geographically cosmopolitan party lines the podcast has enjoyed to date (Tim is in the USA; Stephen is in Dubai).

From his coconut phone on his private tropical island (fine, not really), Craig reveals that his interest in trading began several months ago. He first discovered Tim Sykes, which led him to Tim Bohen and Stocks to Trade. He immediately loved the site, and appreciated the fact that it was built by traders for traders. For the past four months he’s pored over the Stocks to Trade YouTube channel, learning all that he can. So when the Steady Trade Podcast began, his reaction was “aw, sweet!”. He’s listened to all of the episodes, some of them multiple times.

Craig also enjoyed discovering Stephen’s YouTube channel too, and has been following the young trader’s journey toward success.

While Craig is a fan of both Tim and Stephen’s work respectively, for him the true magic happens when the Steady Trade Podcast hosts come together. Not only are Tim and Stephen hilarious, but they have a great knack for imparting valuable trading information as a team.

Watching the videos in addition to listening to the podcast has truly made Craig feel like he has gotten to know Tim and Stephen, and he feels that this has helped him learn in a more connected way.  

Craig’s next steps

As a new trader, a lot of the information shared on the podcast was new to Craig. He is currently most intrigued by the idea of short selling and the profits to be made using this trading method, but still feels somewhat intimidated by it.

Tim and Stephen talk briefly about short selling, offering some quick tips and their thoughts on why it’s great to learn more about it. However, they also caution that a trader should never put all of his or her eggs in one basket, so to speak. As Tim puts it, trading has trends just like the fashion industry: while short selling is really a hot method of trading right now, this can change. However, having the knowledge base is valuable because undoubtedly it will come back in fashion even if it fades. As for Stephen? His mind is blown by the fact that that Tim knows anything about fashion.

Craig wins big!

Drumroll! Tim and Stephen reluctantly hand over a prize they both wanted to try themselves: the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Bundle! Craig is stoked, although as he reveals, he would have been delighted even if he had won the Tic-Tacs!

Coming soon: Season Two!

Didn’t win big this time? Don’t despair, because there will be plenty more chances to win big, and soon. The Steady Trade Podcast will return for Season Two starting on November 6th, 2017. Not only will we release a new suite of episodes, but there will be an all-new giveaway to enter!

Tune in for Season Two of the Steady Trade Podcast, starting November 6th!