In today’s episode, our hosts are cracking into “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes” by Brian Shannon.

That’s right — it’s time for another installment of the SteadyTrade Book Club! 

This month, the whole crew — Tim Bohen, Stephen Johnson, and Kim Ann Curtin — are discussing one of Tim’s picks. And if the title “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes” doesn’t get you hot and bothered for all things trading, nothing will. 

But seriously, this episode’s extra special … The author joins the team as part of the discussion!

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About the Book

So many books delve into the psychology and thought process behind trading. That’s definitely important … But the technical stuff matters, too. 

This book is a technical manual that really gets into the nitty-gritty of technical analysis and how to apply it to different time frames. This can help traders learn a lot about a stock’s past … and potentially better understand how the stock might perform in the future.

A Discussion With Author Brian Shannon

This time, it’s not just the SteadyTrade crew talking about the book. Brian Shannon, the author of the book, is on the show to join in the discussion! 

In the episode, Brian shares his personal trading story. Learn how he got into the stock market. Quick tease: He started as a broker but found it to be little more than a “glorified telemarketing position.” Then he got into trading.

He talks about his trading journey … from day trading to the hedge-fund world to his current role of swing trader today. 

Learn why Brian wrote the book and why one of his primary objectives was to make it accessible even to newbies. 

The SteadyTrade Review 

According to Tim, this is “the best book I’ve ever seen when it comes to the technicals.” 

Dang! Sparkling review. But what does the rest of the crew have to say? 

Kim is similarly smitten and “madly in love” with this book. She was initially intimidated by the title and subject matter … But once she started reading, she was blown away by how easy it was to follow and understand. It helped her make sense of a lot of the keywords she’s heard Tim and Stephen dropping.  

Stephen notes how even though the book was written over a decade ago, it’s still incredibly relevant to the trading world today. As he puts it, “human behavior never changes, therefore the patterns never change.”

Listen in to hear the full discussion about what our hosts love best about the book. 

Putting it To Work

Along with Brian, the crew puts the concepts from the book to work. They go through a few specific examples of how to use the book’s teaching on tickers. Learn how to apply these concepts to different sectors — like biotech and electric cars. 

You won’t want to miss this discussion. Brian has specific tips for making the most of the book — whether you’re a brand-new trader or a seasoned pro. 

Brian’s Book Suggestions

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