Welcome to SteadyTrade’s very own version of a “Seinfeld” episode — it’s about nothing! Well, more like everything and nothing.

This episode marks a major milestone — 150 episodes! Today, co-hosts Tim Bohen, Kim Ann Curtin, and Stephen Johnson join forces to look back at some of the best moments so far … and to look forward to what the future may hold! 

Thank You, SteadyTrade Listeners!

If you’d asked Tim three years ago where the podcast might go, he might have guessed that Stephen would have “drunk himself to death” by now. 

Spoiler: Stephen’s alive and well … He’s even momentarily sober and trading strong. 

Since the show began, SteadyTrade’s featured a ton of topics relevant to trading and incredible guests like Tim Sykes, James Altucher, and Zack Michaelson.

Along the way, Kim joined the team. She helps nab awesome guests and adds a distinct element of consciousness to the show.  

It’s been a wild ride … And it’s not over yet! We offer our deepest thanks to you, listeners — you’re the reason why this podcast continues to slay! 

How Things Change Over 150 Episodes… 

A lot’s changed since the first episode of the SteadyTrade podcast — when a bull market was in full force. 

The team talks about the different opportunities in the current market, including virus-related day trades. And they touch on swing trades that “just make sense,” like at-home fitness and video conferencing stocks.

As Stephen notes, during times of big change, things go up and down a lot in the stock market — there are so many ripple effects for both long- and short-biased traders.  

The Crew’s Favorite Episodes

Wanna know which episodes the hosts loved best? 

Learn why Kim’s most memorable episode is Episode 100. That was the first time she was featured on the podcast, as a guest! The crew talks about how it was a game-changer episode for all of them. 

As for Tim? His favorite is Episode 111 — the Jim Rogers interview. For Tim, this episode was mind-blowing. He’s looked up to Jim for over a decade, read all of his books, and considers him one of his personal guides. 

Stephen reminisces about the Roland Wolf interview from the early SteadyTrade days … And he talks about how the Triforce Trader episode totally opened his eyes to different styles of trading! 

The Joys of Part-Time Trading 

Through the years — and over 150 episodes — Stephen’s trading journey has had a lot of ups and downs. 

After suffering devastating losses and nearly calling it quits, Stephen figured it out. Now, he’s a consistent trader.

And yet he’s still not thinking about going full time. 

The crew talks about the benefits of career diversity … After all, Stephen has a job, Tim teaches in addition to trading, and Kim has her coaching business. Tune in to find out why sticking to part-time trading could be a good thing! 

History Rhymes 

A lot of things change over the years, but some things don’t. Example? Penny stocks are typically still terrible companies.

So how do some of these stocks stick around for decades if they’re so terrible? 

The crew talks about how regardless of market conditions, certain patterns can still play out. 

Learn why the “first thing” Stephen and Tim do when approaching a new ticker is to look at the multi-year chart … Discover why this matters before you even look at other variables like float and volume.  

How Long Does Trading Success Take?

The team also tackles an age-old trading topic: how long does it actually take to become a consistent trader? 

Stephen talks about the “reconditioning period” that’s necessary for learning how to trade. That can take a few years. 

Why? Because your brain isn’t used to building a case and managing multiple variables while under serious stress. It’s hard to manage everything all of the variables in parallel. 

Or as Tim says, “You’re saying I can’t buy a Lamborghini in four days?”  

Kim talks about how her coach training taught her the importance of learning something until it’s “in your bones.” She argues how this applies to trading, too. 

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