Trader Mariana knows trading ambition. She is, after all, the first female millionaire in Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge.*

And you can get a sneak peek of Mariana’s dedication … Hosts Kim Ann Curtin and Stephen Johnson welcome her as today’s guest!

Mariana joined Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge shortly after high school and hit the ground running. She’s also a longtime listener of the SteadyTrade podcast.

Ambitious from the get-go, she was eager to make her mark. Once she committed to trading as a profession, she locked in. 

But steady ambition doesn’t make trading any easier — especially without many female trader role models.

Mariana adapted. She made a friend and found herself inspired by the trading ambition of her peers.

Get a taste of her unstoppable force in this week’s SteadyTrade podcast!

(*Please note that these kinds of trading results are not typical. Most traders lose money. It takes years of dedication, hard work, and discipline to learn how to trade, and individual results will vary. Trading is inherently risky. Before making any trades, remember to do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.)

Trading Ambition: Are Winners Born Or Made?

Mariana credits her family for their unwavering support of her trading goals. In fact, it was her father that encouraged her to skip college altogether!

He wanted her to have a career that would guarantee her independence. And he didn’t see any university as the key to making that happen. That’s a pretty cool dad!

A self-employed long-term investor, he was no stranger to taking risks. When Mariana told him about Tim Sykes’ Trading Challenge, he was all for it. 

He didn’t understand the method. But if Mariana saw it as a path to freedom, he was all for it. Especially if it would help her find a trading ambition that could match his own.

Mariana’s mother hoped she would go down a predictable route, like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. But she still supported Mariana’s choices. 

Don’t you wish all families supported trading ambition like that? 

Find out the winner’s mindset both her parents have that inspired Mariana’s success at a young age. 

Can You Choose to Turn Pro?

Mariana wasn’t sold on trading from the start. It took time for her to absorb the process and decide it was the right path for her.

She started watching hours and hours of Sykes’ videos. And felt overwhelmed by information overload. Then she took a break from the idea of a trading career.

The following year she went to Sykes’ Trader & Investor Summit in person. It changed her life for good. When she saw real live traders sharing their lessons, it felt more achievable.

But she didn’t start out loving stocks. She says she didn’t have the passion — she had to build it.

The more effort she put into her trading, the more affinity she felt for the process itself. She decided that for her, it was the best path to a career with built-in freedom.*

Mariana allowed herself to make mistakes. Instead of putting pressure on herself, she accepted the learning curves. She knew it would take time to build a career.

Then she followed game-changing advice … Tune in to find out what helped her level up with confidence.

Trading Ambition: Focus on the Process to Achieve the Goal 

Mariana spent a few months learning the process and developing as a trader. She wasn’t sure how far she wanted to take it. But she kept plugging away.

Along the way, things crystalized for her. For one, she realized she joined the Trading Challenge for a reason. And she wanted to meet a specific goal — to become a millionaire in two to three years.*

And there was one unique stock that finally took her account over the million-dollar profit mark.* On a day she wasn’t expecting it to happen!

Mariana is a stickler for the rules. She refines her process every step of the way.

When the market slows down, her trading ambition turns into trading discipline. She doesn’t take reckless trades out of boredom. In fact, she takes fewer trades than many of her peers.

She shares the lowdown on her monthly trade count and the number-one rule she follows to protect profits on slow days.

Find out what trading edge she’s working on next and her top four rules for staying consistent. It’s all in this week’s episode!

What Do You Think?

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