This week, our rock star hosts Tim Bohen, Stephen Johnson, and Kim Ann Curtin are back — sharing their best tips on trading EQ.

Kim has a special reveal in this episode ... She’s launching a new course called Trading EQ

What’s trading EQ? It’s the emotional intelligence you need as a trader at every level. 

Many traders start with big hopes and even bigger dreams. Excitement’s a great motivator. But it’s the setbacks and lessons along the way that can teach us how to keep going. 

Kim wants to help traders capitalize on their mistakes. 

When your momentum hits a wall, you realize you need a process to stay in the game. That’s especially true if you feel upset about a loss. 

Find out how Kim, Stephen, and Tim made it through the rough patches in their careers and came out ahead. This episode is full of valuable tips you won’t find anywhere else. Tune in!

The Power of Your Trading EQ

A lot of traders want to conquer their emotions. But they aren’t in touch with their trading EQ. Ever heard the phrase “know your enemy?” 

Emotions aren’t really your enemy, but if you want to conquer them, you have to know them first. 

Stephen gets it. He says, “Nothing defines a person more than surviving five years of trading. Trading makes or breaks you. Any psychological help will make a significant difference.” 

Bohen shares the story of a Twitter trader who’s missing his trading EQ. These kinds of traders make all the wrong market moves! Maybe you’ve made some of them yourself…

Kim shares a key reason why humans struggle like this. She observes how dogs process changes in their environment. There’s a reason they don’t get stuck in harmful patterns like humans do.

So why can’t humans outwit their K-9 friends? In this episode, Kim shares special insights — find out how to apply them to impact your trading EQ in a positive way. 

Your Trading EQ Fuel Check

You have to know what you’re bringing to the laptop when you trade. Kim wants you to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Well, maybe she phrased it a little differently.

The team wants to hear more about her program and secret framework for improving your trading EQ. Kim says her program is jam-packed with valuable resources and even shares a few sneak peeks. 

For one, she wants every trader to start the day with the right mindset. And Kim wants traders to know what to look for before sitting down to trade. 

So what makes a great trader? Hint: it has nothing to do with winning or losing

Kim shares a helpful way to separate the mistakes you make from your value as a person. Tune in to learn how to use your mistakes to become a better trader.

Mistakes Make You a Better Trader

Stephen took two big losses this year. But these days, when he suffers a loss, he says “good.” He knows it’s an opportunity to see his mistakes clearly and improve. 

The ability to grow and expand his trading EQ fulfills him. But it’s not easy to adopt this mindset. 

Bohen knows this firsthand. He sees traders who fear risk. They criticize everything because they don’t want to take a chance. But you have to get your feet wet to improve your trading EQ.

Kim says you have to learn that your personal value doesn’t go down when you make a mistake. Think of traders who dream of Lambos but don’t know why they want them. 

She helps traders stop comparing themselves to others — and start seeing the unlimited possibilities in the market. 

But the work doesn’t stop when you become your best self. Then you’ll worry about how the people in your life will react to the new you. Kim shares excellent strategies to curb the fear of success in this week’s episode.

What Do You Think?

How’s your trading EQ? Do you go through a mental checklist before you sit down to trade? What have you learned from previous trading mistakes? 

We’d love to hear what you think, so drop a comment. 

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