What does it take to be a great trader?

That’s at the core of this week’s episode of the SteadyTrade with Kim Ann Curtin, Stephen Johnson, and Tim Bohen.

Stephen and Tim take a different approach to greatness. And Kim lends her perspective as a Wall Street Coach extraordinaire. 

Are great traders born … or can anyone become one? Bohen shares his theory on what makes humans want to be great. 

Stephen thinks we all should do one hard thing every day. And he shares the story of a climber who curbed his anxiety for good. Tune in for a great discussion. Here are the highlights…

Great Traders Stay Hungry

Kim says there’s something about being fresh, hungry, innocent, and naive. It makes you want to try harder to become a better trader. 

Stephen misses those days. He says he’s not as hungry as he once was. He’s content with what he has. And that’s a good thing. But can a great trader be even greater if they keep striving

Bohen thinks so. He says he’s powered by hate for mediocrity. He never wants to be a couch potato watching reruns on TV.

Find out Stephen’s theory on how much of a person’s personality is changeable. And hear Tim’s theory on maximizing human potential. That’s good stuff every great trader should learn!


Great Traders Take Gains 

Stephen warns traders who chase parabolic breakouts into halts: Don’t go for the home run. He thinks today’s runners can get in the way of creating great traders

Bohen doesn’t mind the excitement of multiple halts. He offers key tips for entering and exiting trades that take off. 

Plus, Stephen shares his strategies for deciding whether to long or short in the morning.  

Then Kim asks Tim to speculate on the next three market cycles. Every trader will want to hear his answers!

Are Great Traders Born or Made? 

Kim says everyone needs support to become great … But Bohen challenges her to explain how Navy SEAL and author David Goggins overcame his abusive childhood to achieve greatness.

Stephen thinks David Goggins was motivated by pain, and that his genes from his alpha dad made him push himself harder. 

Can you become a great trader without support? Is motivation all you need?

Bohen thinks Goggins is a stellar example of someone who can find opportunity anywhere. Find out how he inspires Bohen to be a great trader… 

What Do You Think?

What’s your stance on great traders? Are they born or self-made? How do you stay hungry to win?

We’d love to hear what you think, so drop a comment. 

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Thanks for tuning in to the SteadyTrade podcast. Stay tuned for weekly episodes featuring the hottest topics for aspiring traders.

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